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Discipline Petrophysics
Duration5 Days
Delivery Mechanism Practical Training with Software
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Applied Formation Evaluation and Basic Log Analysis Using Techlog (Quanti)

Applied Formation Evaluation and Basic Log Analysis Using Techlog - Quanti is a practical course that blends theory, hands-on exercises and applied Techlog (Quanti).

During the first 4 days participants work on a quad combo data set utilizing continuous interactive learning process;

- from lectures (data interpretation techniques and a quick overview of logging tool principles).

- practical exercises where properties are determined by hand and in Techlog (Quanti) maximizing the use of the software by applying all the available options.

The last day of the course is a guided workshop applying all the key concepts in a multiwell dataset, from selecting key wells to summaries and saving all the results in an appropriate mode to be reused for future interpretations.


  • Agenda
  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Agenda

    Day 1

    1. Course introduction and determining the expectations of the participants
    2. Pre course test
    3. SP and GR Theory
    4. How to calculate VSH and clay type using SP and GR. Results are compared and discussed
    5. Multi-well data analysis and preparation using Techlog tools

    Participants will analyze SP and GR data to determine VSH (hands-on and with Techlog) and apply Techlog tools to determine needs for data normalization. 

    Day 2

    VSH and Total Porosity Calculations using Density-Neutron

    1. Review results from previous day
    2. Density measurement and porosity calculation
    3. Neutron measurement and porosity analysis
    4. Density/Neutron combination to calculate VSH and Porosity

     Participants will analyze and use Density and Neutron data ri determine VSH and Porosity (manually and using Techlog).

    Day 3

    Effective Porosity Calculation and Resistivity Measurements

    1. Review results from previous day
    2. Compare VSH Results from Density-Neutron vs. SP and GR. Discuss and conciliate results
    3. Effective porosity determination and calculation.  Correction for VSH and Hydrocarbon effects
    4. Quality control of results
    5. Introduction to Resistivity measurements and Rt, Ro, Rxo and Rw definitions.

    Participants will compare and conciliate the different results for VSH to determine the final VSH, calculate effective porosity (manually and with Techlog) and learn about Resistivity measurements



    Day 4

    Water Saturation Calculation using Archie's Equation and Summaries

    1. Review results from previous day
    2. Archie's equation and method will be discussed and reviewed
    3. Determination of Rw using different methods (SP, Rwa, Pickett Plot etc.) will be discussed and results will be consolidated.
    4. Calculation of Sw using Archie's Equation
    5. Quality control of results
    6. A brief introduction to Shaly Sand equations
    7. Definition of pay cutoffs
    8. Introduction to Monte Carlo Analysis

    Participants will focus of Sw calculation and determine pay cutoffs to obtain summaries (manually and with Techlog).

    Day 5

    Multi-Well Basic Log Interpretation Workshop

    1. Review results from previous day

    2. Complete the post course test

    3. Data analysis

    4. Determine VSH, Porosity and Water Saturation

    5. Summaries

    6. Save projects, results and parameters in Techlog

    7. Course summary and wrap up

    Participants work with a multi-well dataset and apply the log analysis workflow learned earlier in the week (Techlog). 

  • Topics

    1. Data quality and Key Well selection

    2. Vsh calculation conciliation

    3. Porosity determination and calculations

    4. Water saturation determination and calculation

    5. Summaries 

  • Audience

    This course is intended for any subsurface professional that is involved in log interpretation.

    Special for new hires to get the basics of Log interpretation domain merged with Techlog Quanti log Evaluation module.     

  • Prerequisites

    1. Techlog Fundamentals


  • Prerequisites

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