Oil & Gas Training
and Competency Development

Discipline Petrophysics ,
Field Development Planning
Duration5 Days
Delivery Mechanism Classroom
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The instructor's knowledge, expertise, skills, availability, kindness, basically I am pretty amazed.
Experienced instructor who willing shared his knowledge and answered every question throughly
Mastery, experience and delivery of the course by Dr. Mohamed is superb.
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Applied Production Logging and Reservoir Monitoring

This course teaches you advanced techniques for production logging and reservoir monitoring.  You will learn to design a data acquisition program to evaluate wellbore or reservoir behavior based on field development objectives.    You will learn in-depth log interpretation techniques such as interpreting three phase fluid flow in deviated and horizontal wells. You will also learn quick look techniques for log quality control as well as how to plan and integrate multi-source data to complete your evaluation.  Using hands-on examples, you will learn to interpret behind casing resistivity, three phase flow in horizontal wells, and evaluating fluid saturations using logging tools

  • Agenda
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Agenda

    Day 1

    • PL Overview 
    • Inflow Performance 
    • Slippage Velocities 
    • Fluid Velocities 
    • Spinner Calibrations 
    • Hold Ups

    Day 2

    • Equations 
    • Single Phase Flow Rate 
    • Two Phase Flow Rate 
    • 3 Phase Flow Rate 
    • Uneven Depletion and Cross flow

    Day 3

    • Production Log Interpretations in Horizontal Wells 
    • Reservoir Monitoring Introduction 
    • Nuclear Physics of Neutron Interaction 
    • Pulsed Neutron Logging Tools 
    • Reservoir Monitoring Capture (Sigma) Mode

    Day 4

    • Reservoir Monitoring Inelastic Mode 
    • Log-Inject-Log 
    • Reservoir Monitoring Field Wide applications

    Day 5

    • Resistivity measurements behind conductive casing  
    • Resistivity measurements behind non-conductive casing 
    • Deep Reading Electro-Magnetic Imaging
  • Audience

    Professionals with geosciences background and some 2+ years of exposure to field production.

  • Prerequisites

    Greater than 2 years of experience interpreting reservoir monitoring logs is recommended.  You are encouraged to bring difficult log examples for in-class discussion and interpretation.

  • Prerequisites

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Applied Production Logging and Reservoir Monitoring – a course overview
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