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Discipline Reservoir Engineering
Duration5 Days
Delivery Mechanism Classroom
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I enjoyed the dicussions with the instructor which extended my learnings even more
The experience and knowledge of Instructor was excellent. So many practical examples added a value in this course
I like the class very much. The simulation module was quite interesting
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Applied Reservoir Engineering

This course will focus on practical reservoir engineering concepts, such as evaluation of reservoir behavior, analyzing fluids in place, and recovery optimization based on analysis of well performance.  Material balance methods, pressure transient testing, and forecasting well and reservoir production using decline curves will be covered as well.  During this course participants will also gain basic understanding of waterflooding.

  • Agenda
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Agenda

    Day 1

    Petroleum Geology and Formation Evaluation 

    • Petroleum geology
    • Formation evaluation

    On day one of the course, participants will learn how petroleum geology and formation evaluation affect reservoir engineering analysis.

    Day 2

    Rock and Fluid Properties 

    • Rock properties
    • Fluid properties

    Participants will join in a discussion on reservoir rock and fluid properties.

    Day 3

    Reserve Estimates and Well Performance 

    • Volumetric estimates
    • Well performance
    • Pressure transient testing of oil and gas wells

    On day three participants will learn about volumetric reserve estimates as well as what affects well performance.  Pressure transient testing of oil and gas wells will also be discussed.

    Day 4

    Productivity and Decline Curve Analysis 

    • Decline curve analysis
    • Reservoir drive mechanisms and producing characteristics
    • Material balance

    Participants will learn about decline curve analysis. They will also be introduced to reservoir drive mechanisms and producing characteristics. Material balance analysis will also be discussed.

    Day 5

    Coning and Waterflooding Basics 

    • Gas and water coning in vertical and horizontal wells
    • Waterflooding basics
    • Productivity of horizontal Wells

    The last day of the course will cover gas and water coning in vertical and horizontal wells and waterflooding basics. The day will end with a lecture on the basics  of horizontal well productivity.

  • Audience

    Engineers responsible for routine reservoir characterization and management.

  • Prerequisites

    An engineering degree.

  • Prerequisites

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