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Discipline Surface Facilities Design and Engineering
Duration3 Days
Delivery Mechanism Practical Training
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Vx Multiphase Meters Operations

This course aims at providing sound fundamentals for both operators and data users to be able to operate Vx meters, understand the process required to properly set it up and validate and troubleshoot data. After an initial introduction to the fundamental principles of the meter, the course will be mostly applied, based on practical operations on the meter and its associated software as well as on hands-on tutorials. This course will  allow participants to gain a sound understanding of the steps required to operate and set-up a Vx meter, as well as an understanding of measurement sensitivity and the various assocaited troubleshooting steps to verify data as well as identify maintenance requirements.

In addition to the data acquisition, interpretation and validation process, this training will also provide an overview of the precautions required when operating the meter to avoid damage to the meter and importantly to minimize HSE risks.

The course will be held at Schlumberger's European Learning Center (ELC) training facility in Melun, France.

  • Agenda
  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Agenda

    Day 1

    • ELC Induction and HSE Briefing
    • Fundamentals: Multiphase metering principles and hardware introduction
      • Basic components, certifications, radiation awareness
      • Meter connectivity methods
      • Technology fundamentals and principles
    • Vx Meter set-up and configuration: Fluid properties models
      • Meter inputs review and inputs determination process
      • Service Manager software introduction and overview

    Day 2

    • Practice on flow loop, EP, sampling, in-situs and PVT model set-up              
      • Understanding sensitivities and key parameters   
      • Review of calculation inputs and their role            
      • Understanding meter sensitivity on inputs, hands-on and tutorials
      • Applied sensitivity analysis, Service Manager Practice        
    • Data verification and meter troubleshooting         
      • Meter hardware troubleshooting, recognizing the symptoms and correcting              
      • Effect of wrong inputs, what is the impact? Forward error propagation      
      • Input troubleshooting, from symptom to root cause

    Day 3

    • Practical meter operations           
      • Data analysis and recommendation on SCADA/DCS setup: parameters to read, capture frequency
      • Implementing a maintenance and surveillance strategy, KPI definition        
      • Example of applications of Vx MPFM data             
    • Troubleshooting tutorial on flow-loop     
      • Data quality control and troubleshooting tutorial
    • Q & A Session    
    • Evaluation          
    • Class Evaluation
    • Round table and wrap up
  • Topics

    • Fundamentals of multiphase metering
    • Vx principles
    • Inputs required for meter calculations
    • Vx meter operations
    • Measurement sensitivity
    • Data analysis and troubleshooting
  • Audience

    Production Engineers, Petroleum Engineers, Production Supervisors, well-site Operators and Engineers, Facilities Engineers, Facilities Operations

  • Prerequisites

    Computer literacy and fundamental scientific skills are required to be able to operate the software associated with the meter as well as grasp the key operating principles. Some experience in production metering operations is also required to faciliate the understanding of the position of multiphase meters in the production measurement system.

  • Prerequisites

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