Oil & Gas Training
and Competency Development

Discipline Surface Facilities Design and Engineering
Duration5 Days
Delivery Mechanism Classroom
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Multiphase Pumping

The course reviews the basic concepts of flow in pipes and its interaction with multiphase pumps. Also, the operating principles of different multiphase pumps and state of the art technology are described. Finally, the criteria for selection and design of multiphase pumping system are provided 

Participants in this course will have the opportunity to:

  • Understand the basics of multiphase flow in pipes
  • Acquire basic knowledge in multiphase pumps design and selection
  • To study the prediction performance of multiphase pumps
  • Analyze the interaction of multiphase pump with the transport system 
  • Agenda
  • Audience
  • Agenda

    Day 1

    • Single phase pumps fundamentals
      • Pumps general considerations
      • Centrifugal pumps
      • Positive displacements pumps
      • Pump system design
      • Other practical considerations: intake distance, cavitation, drag reduction
      • Introduction to pipeline network analysis and design
      • Exercises

    Day 2

    • Multiphase flow fundamentals
      • Introduction to multiphase flow
      • Two-phase flow variables
      • Flow patterns two-phase flow
      • Introduction to two-phase flow modeling
      • Introduction to transient flow
      • Introduction to multiphase networks
      • Exercises

    Day 3

    • Introduction to multiphase pumps
      • Introduction
        • Multiphase pump technologies
          • Operational ranges
          • Offshore application
          • Utilization of multiphase pumps
          • On-shear heavy oil application
          • On-shore conventional oil and gas application
          • Offshore application
          • Subsea application
      • Multiphase pumps
        • Thermodynamics considerations
        • Progressive cavity pumps (bcp)
        • Twin-screw pumps
        • Helico-axial
        • Electro submergible pumps
          • ESPin gassy wells
          • ESP with high viscosity fluids and emulsions
          • Sand handling ESP

    Day 4

    • Multiphase pumps design and selection
      • Multiphase pumps performance analysis
      • Example sub twin-screw design
      • Boreman pumps
      • Mechanical sealing technology
      • Exercises

    Day 5

    • Fields cases
      • Gas-liquid cylindrical cyclones (GLCC) assuring liquid presence on a sub sea multiphase pumping system
      • Subsea application of Framo subsea helico-axial multiphase pump
      • Subsea application of Sulzer subsea helico-axial multiphase pump
      • Subsea application of Leistritz subsea multiphase twin-screw pump
      • Subsea application of Hydril subsea piston multiphase pump
      • Subsea application of Bornemann subsea twin-screw multiphase pump
      • Selected cases presented by Boreman pump
  • Audience

    Production Engineers, technologists, people who are involved in Production Optimization, who want to gain more knowledge about multiphase pumping and pipe flow characterization, to improve transportation of oil and gas production systems

  • Prerequisites

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