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    Advanced Train the Trainer as Facilitators and instructors

    Course Summary

    • To become an effective facilitator/trainer, there are a variety of important prospects that are essential to make sure that they can relay information to their trainees effectively and creatively. It is important that trainers are taught and can demonstrate presentation and communication skills to be able to effectively relay any type of information they wish to their trainees. Therefore, this course is designed to benefit and help participants to develop, organize, and deliver effective training and to know how to assess the success of the training.
    • Participants learn how to apply different training methods for engaging participants, how to provide training materials in a structured, clearly written manner, how to deliver an interactive presentation, and how to apply the knowledge based on educational research to achieve prescribed training goals.
    The objectives of the course are to enable students to:
    • Identify the qualities and skills of good instructors and facilitators and create a self-development plan of how to improve these for yourself. Prepare for classes with minimal stress.
    • Create presentations for use in classes, that follow best practices and UX design, to optimize the use of PowerPoint, where this is necessary.
    • Integrate instructor and facilitator actions in delivering effective and interactive training and determine when it is best to apply the methods of each.
    • Understand why it is important to know your audience and be able to analyze how you might have to adapt to some trainees during live training sessions. 
    • Use a range of activities as a replacement for PowerPoint slides where suited. 
    • Communicate effectively, following public speaking methodology and navigating the possible barriers to communication.
    • Recognize the training stakeholders and how to manage their different expectations. 
    • Differentiate the learning stages so that you can achieve learning objectives by the provision of content that enables participants to reach the desired learning stage. 
    • Present an interactive mini-class and receive constructive feedback from the other students, to consider for future teaching, once they are back in the workplace. 
    • Create courses following best practices and design activities that will provide the best learning outcomes.
    • Practice delivering a training session and get feedback from peers on how to improve your skills.
    • Activities
    • Classroom with Theoretical and Practical Implementation.
    • Interactive activity
    • Polls
    • Feedback
    • Individual Practice
    • Collective discussions
    • Teamwork  Breakout sessions/Exercises
    • Presentations Series

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