Oil & Gas Training
and Competency Development

Discipline Production Engineering ,
Surface Facilities
Duration2 Days
Delivery Mechanism Classroom
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PIPESIM Surface Facility

This course teaches the usage of PIPESIM 2015 steady-state multiphase simulator for designing and modeling the operations of surface production systems. Practical and comprehensive problems will be discussed and analyzed throughout the course.

This course includes multiphase pressure drop concepts, phase behavior and hydrocarbon fluid modeling, gathering network overview and production diagnostics, surface equipment sizing, and handling single component production system.

PIPESIM Surface Facility is only offered on specific locations

  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Topics

    • PIPESIM Overview
    • Network Model Building
    • Gathering System Design and Analysis Workflows
    • Hydrate Screening and Mitigation Strategies
    • Production Optimization Using Compressors
    • Pipeline Booster Location and Preliminary Sizing
    • Single Component Systems Modeling
  • Audience

    Anyone who needs to learn steady-state, multiphase flow simulation for oil and gas production systems to model pipelines and facilities using PIPESIM software

  • Prerequisites

    An interest in using PIPESIM software to analyze the performance pipelines, and facilities

  • Prerequisites

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