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    Digital Technology Primer for E&P Professionals

    This course is intended for everyone desiring to understand Digital Technologies, their impact on business & industry, with a specific focus on the E&P industry.

    It will give an understanding of Digital Technology to PetroTechnical, SoftwareTechnical and Functional Professionals who wish to understand how "Digitalization" has becoming a necessity in industry in general, and within the E&P industry in particular. The course will give a high level overview of the impact of Digital Technology today on business & industry, and focus on current and forecasted impact on the E&P industry, including an overview of the Digital Technologies themselves. This is followed by a deep dive into a number of digital technologies, illustrating their development, application to industry in general, E&P industry in particular, and examples thereof.

    The final session will consider the various elements to be considered as part of resourcing, planning and developing an E&P digital strategy.

    Day 1

    General Overview & Business Impact, from broad industry review to  narrower E&P focus, to fully understand the scale of change
    • Business Impact of Digital Technology in general industry (external to E&P Industry) - Big Picture, Industry 4.0, Disruption, Transformation
    • Digital Technology Overview (overview of the technologies) - What are they? Where are they being used? Why use them?
    • Digital Technology in E&P industry (What is happening today) - O&G Digital Transformation, The Digital Oil Company, Becoming an E&P Digital Giant

    Day 2

    Technology application within EDP (Exploration, Development, Production), including impact on PTE & STE Disciplines, and other organization functions.
    • Data Science & Analytics
    • Cloud / HPC / Security
    • Machine Learning / A.I.
    • IIOT (IT/OT)
    • Automation / Robotics
    • AR (Augmented Reality)/ VR / MR
    • Drones / UAV
    • 3DPrinting, Blockchain, Wearables
    Review current state of Digital Readiness, including next steps to take action.

    This course is intended for everyone desiring to understand Digital Technology, impact on business & industry, with a specific focus on the upstream E&P industry.

    There are no pre-requisites for this course.

    Stavanger, Norway
    September 04-05, 2024
    • Registration for this class closes on August 25.
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