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    Pressure and Rate Transient Analysis

    This course is built on the similarities of the basic theory behind Rate Transient Analysis (RTA) / Production Analysis (PA) / Modern Decline Analysis (MDA) and Pressure Transient Analysis (PTA). It discusses the basic theory behind PTA and RTA and the differences between assumptions and mathematical models.  Modern Production Decline Analysis methods, PTA in shale plays, complementarity of RTA and PTA, effect of data quality on the analysis results are also covered.

    Day 1
    • Introduction and Fundamentals of Pressure Transient Analysis
      • Development of the Diffusivity Equation
      • Data Used in Well Testing
    • Flow Regimes, Radial Flow and Radius of Investigation
    • Characterizing Damage and Stimulation
    • Solution to Diffusivity Equation 
      • Semilog Analysis For Oil Wells
      • Semilog Analysis For Gas Wells

    Day 2
    • Wellbore Storage 
    • Type Curve Analysis
    • Flow Regimes and the Diagnostic Plot
    • Pressure Transient Analysis in Hydraulically Fractured Wells
    • Pressure Transient Analysis in Horizontal Wells
    Day 3
    • Pressure Transient Analysis in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
    • Bounded Reservoir Behavior
    • PTA Data Quality and Effects of Errors in Input Data
    • Integrated Well Test Interpretation
    Day 4
    • Introduction to Rate Transient Analysis
    • Empirical Method: Arp's Decline Analysis
    • Fetkovich Type Curve Analysis
    • Advanced Methods
      • Blasingame
      • Agarwal & Gardner
      • Normalized Pressure Integral (NPI)
      • Flowing Material Balance Analysis
    Day 5
    • Production Decline Analysis in Shale Plays
    • Production Decline Analysis Data Sources and Quality
    • Complementarity of  PTA and RTA
    • Assessing Well Performance and Identification of Optimization Candidates-Well Models

    Petroleum, Reservoir Engineers, Geologists, and anyone working in the oil and gas industry who is interested in learning about analyzing production and pressure data.

    • Fundamentals of fluid flow in porous media
    • Pressure Transient Analysis
    • Production Transient Analysis

    A basic understanding of fluid flow equations and a familiarity with fundamental concepts of reservoir engineering and subsurface production

    Astana, Kazakhstan
    September 25-29, 2024
    • Registration for this class closes on September 11.
    • If registration has closed, use the Contact us form to enquire about this class.

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