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    2020-Applied Petrophysics and Statistics - RILS - V20.11

    The purpose of this skill level course is to provide the participants with an understanding of how petrophysics and statistics are integrated.  The course can be delivered as a remote delivery, a public or customized for a client.  Often the primary objective of reservoir petrophysics is to provide numerical transforms for total porosity, effective porosity, absolute permeability, lithology, defining petrophysical rock types  and creating a saturation height model.  It is important that investigators, know how to evaluate various statistical techniques and use various methods, because these numerical transforms are used as the basis for building static and dynamic 3-D models.  To be a successful reservoir petrophysicists, you must understand statistical distributions, various averaging methods, smoothing, curve fitting and regression methods. Further, it is necessary to understand when a dataset has statistical significance.

    Day 1 - Introduction and General Concepts

    - Course Introduction 

    - Participants complete the pre-course technical assessment

    - Review of reservoir rock properties

    - Descriptive Statistics (mean, median, mode and standard deviation)

    - Using Excel for Descriptive Statistics

    - Applied Workshop

    - Confirm Your Knowledge

    - Review Day 1 Key Concepts and Confirm Your Knowledge

    - Averaging Reservoir Properties

    - Arithmetic Average - When, How and Why

    - Geometric Average - When, How and Why

    - Harmonic Average - When How and Why

    - Thickness Weighted Average 

    - Concept Workshops in Excel

    - Applied Workshop

    - Confirm Your Knowledge

    - Review Day 2 Key Concepts and Confirm Your Knowledge

    - X-Y Cross Plots and Quality of Fit

    - Regression Analysis and Quality of Fit Squared

    - Excel Conceptual Workshop

    - Introduction to Multi-Linear Regression Analysis (MLRA) and Conceptual Analysis

    - Applied Permeability Prediction MLRA Workshop

    - Confirm Your Knowledge

    Review Day 3 Key Concepts and Confirm Your Knowledge

    - Curve Fitting Analysis

    - Conceptual Analysis Using Excel

    - Curve Fitting Capillary Pressure and Relative Permeability Data

    - Applied Capillary Pressure Workshop

    - Confirm Your Knowledge

    Review Day 4 Key Concepts and Confirm Your Knowledge

    - Cumulative Distribution Plots and Applications

    - Probability Analysis

    - Conceptual Workshop in Excel

    - Single Well - Petrophysical Rock Type Workshop with CDF Analysis

    - Data Smoothing and Excel

    - Multi-Well PRT Workshop 

    - Optional Topics If Time Permits

    - Confirm Your Knowledge and Post Course Technical Assessment

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