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    3 Day Hands-On Practical Wireline Logging at the Kellyville Training Center

    This course will provide participants with the chance to learn about logging tools and how to use them within a practical environment that is safe and will provide a unique experience for each attendee.  Participants will see the commonly used wireline tools that SLB uses for open whole wireline data acquisition.  They will have the opportunity to experience the calibration, setup, and operation of the tools. 

    During this course participants will learn about how logging tools work, how information is used in the oil and gas industry, nuclear source safety, and log evaluation.  A specific overview will be given for logging tools, to specifically over correlation tools, resistivity, porosity, pore geometry, imaging, and wireline pressure testing.

    Day 1

    Wireline Tools, Theory, and Applications

    • Gamma Ray
    • Resistivity and Borehole Imaging
    • Nuclear logs      

    The first day of this course will focus on wireline tools, theory, and application.  Specific topics that will be discussed include gamma ray, resistivity, and borehole imaging.  Nuclear logs will be covered to include discussions over porosity, mineralogy, and NMR.  Di-electric, acoustic, and safety will also be covered.

    Day 2

    Operations and Practical Sessions

    • Tool conveyance and depth control
    • Tool calibrations
    • Nuclear source safety   

    On day two the focus will be on operations and practical sessions.  Tool conveyance, depth control, log quality control, and tool calibrations will all be covered on this day.  Nuclear source safety will also be covered.  The highlight of this day will be that participants will have the chance to run a platform express tool string.

    Day 3

    Quick Look Log Analysis

    • Practical hydrocarbon identification
    • Quick look lithology estimates
    • Fluid saturation  

    The last day will focus on quick look log analysis.  Specific topics that will be covered on this day include practical hydrocarbon identification, quick look lithology estimates, and determining fluid saturation.  The day will conclude with a course summary and wrap-up.

    This course is intended for anyone working with oil and gas subsurface evaluation and drilling operations.


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