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    A Strategic Approach to Oil and Gas Exploration

    This course will provide knowledge and understanding of the use of strategic planning to optimise chances of success in oil and gas exploration. It will cover recognising the need for strategic change and how to develop options to respond to changing business environments. It will include implementation of new strategic directions and managing and monitoring performance.

    The course builds on a number of case studies from companies of various sizes, showing examples of strategic change and what can be learnt from these. The scope will include the technical, economic and political drivers that shape the performance of all oil and gas organisations. The course will cover the importance of strategic planning at all stages of the exploration value chain (access through to basin selection and exploration play testing).

    The participants will gain understanding of how to recognise the need for a strategic approach; how to develop a set of strategic options and then how to select and implement the appropriate strategy for a given situation.

    Some example attendee comments:

    “Great course! Lots of good examples, stories, and shared experiences.”

    “Would recommend to more managers and VP's for understanding the need for a deep balanced portfolio across the company”

    Day 1

    • BP Story – the need for strategic change
    • Strategic planning

    Day 2

    • Maersk Story – a strategy based on oil price hedging
    • Portfolio analysis and portfolio management
    • New Country Access

    Day 3

    • British Gas – a strategy based on competence
    • Partners and Stakeholders
    • Statoil – a strategy based on Alliances

    Day 4

    • Fiscal regimes
    • Commercial and economic thresholds and hurdles
    • Exploration process and best practice
    • Nova Scotia - Play Fairway Analysis


    Day 5

    • Tullow Oil Story – a strategy based upon regional focus
    • Technology Strategy
    • Chariot Oil and Gas story – a strategic failure!
    • People and Process in Exploration
    • Delivering strategic change

    Geologists, geophysicists, team leaders and managers 

    Life-cycles of organisations

    Oil & Gas industry landscape

    Creating and reviewing a strategy

    Exploration value chain and history analysis

    Exploration workflow

    Portfolio management - managing exposure

    Strategic change

    Understanding the organisation - people development and technology application

    Some understanding of the process of Oil and Gas Exploration, especially the technical aspects.

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