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    Accident Incident investigation & Reporting

    Course description

    • This course is designed to provide the knowledge and skills required to carry out effective incident and accident investigations. It covers accident and incident investigation, the process of gathering evidence, interviews, and the compilation of reports and recommendations.
    • Classroom - Listening and contributing to discussions and exercises (group Discussions and workshops)
    • Written Assessment
    • Upon the completion of the course, the learner will be able to do;
    • Accident causation analyzing information obtained in an investigation. 
    • The priorities when responding to an incident. 
    • Conducting a meaningful witness interview. 
    • The purpose of an investigation. 
    • The sources of information to include when gathering facts.
    • Effective documentation in an investigation 
    • Making effective recommendations for corrective actions. 
    • Reporting and report writing Statistical analysis. 
    Pass requirements
    • 80%
    • English, Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam, Tamil

    • Types of incidents.
    • Reporting mechanisms.
    • Investigation Team makeup and responsibilities.
    • Stages of an investigation.
    • Root Causes.
    • Contributory factors.
    • Corrective actions.
    • Identify types of incidents.
    • Break.
    • Know how incidents are reported.
    • Understand roles and responsibilities within the investigation team.
    • Regulations.
    • Identify root causes, contributory factors, and corrective actions.
    • Correctly complete incident reports and near-miss documents.
    • Describe follow-up actions to be taken.
    • Monitoring process.
    • Written Assessment.
    • Assessment result declaration & Certificate distribution to successful learners.

    • Anyone involved in the process of investigating incidents and accidents.

    • Types of incidents
    • Reporting mechanisms
    • Investigation Team makeup and responsibilities
    • Stages of an investigation
    • Root Causes
    • Contributory factors
    • Corrective actions
    • Identify types of incidents
    • Know how incidents are reported
    • Understand roles and responsibilities within the investigation team
    • Regulations
    • Identify root causes, contributory factors, and corrective actions
    • Correctly complete incident reports and near-miss documents
    • Describe follow-up actions to be taken
    • Monitoring process

    • No prerequisites.

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