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    Acid Stimulation Techniques

    The course, designed discusses Formation Damage and its effect on well performance and project economics and Acid stimulation treatments. After focusing the causes of formation damage during the drilling, cementing, perforating, producing and working over wells, and how these may be identified, the course overviews matrix and fracture acidizing applications with in-depth discussions of oilfield acids, acid reactions, additives, acidizing techniques and job designs.

    Day 1
    • Overview
    • Introduction
    • Causes of formation damage
    • Diagnosis of formation damage
    Day 2
    • Formation damage while drilling
    • Formation damage during well completion operations
    • Formation damage during well workovers
    • Formation damage prevention during gravel pack operaions
    Day 3
    • Overview of acidizing
    • Acid reactions
    • Acid treatment design in sandstones
    Day 4
    • Acid treatment design in carbonates
    • Acid additives
    • Acid operations and evaluation
    Day 5
    • Formation Damage Identification and Acid Treatment Design: Class Exercise Course Review
    • Evaluation and Feedback

    Production Technologist / Surveillance Engineers and other professionals directly linked to Acidizing Design and Evaluation.

    Degree in an engineering or scientific degree, basic understanding of petroleum engineering and exposure to stimulation and well intervention operations.

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