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    Advanced Core and Log Interpretation

    This intermediate course will reflect on the collection and integration of data that is required for formation evaluation and building a model of the reservoir.   The key objectives of core and log calibration will be covered to include porosity, lithology, saturation, and petrophysical rock types.  Practical workshop sessions will be used to determine porosity methods and integration with core logs.  The workshops will continue on to cover the findings and the correct petrophysical parameters to use for creating mathematical transforms used in constructing 3D static models.  Several in-class workshops will be used to enhance participant learning.  Participants must have a laptop or computer (with Excel software) to use during the course workshops.

    Day 1

    Core and Log Integration

    • Core and log integration workflow process
    • Core and log integration importance
    • Fundamentals of log analysis
    • 3-Line interactive evaluation workshop

    The first day of this course will focus mainly on core and log integration.  Core and log integration importance and workflow process will be covered.  Participant will learn about log analysis using the NExT 4-line interpretation method.  The day will conclude with a 4-line interactive evaluation workshop. 

    Day 2

    Porosity and Log Evaluation of Sw

    • Textural core analysis and integration with the geologic framework
    • Determination of porosity
    • Log evaluation of Sw
    • Porosity evaluation workshop and evaluating Sw workshop

    Day two will cover porosity and the log evaluation of Sw.  Textural core analysis and integration with geologic framework will be discussed along with how to determine porosity, both total and effective.  Using Rw, Ro, and Rwa will also be discussed.  The day will end with two workshops, one over porosity evaluation and the second over evaluating Sw.

    Day 3

    Petrophysical Rock Types, Water Saturation, and Capillary Pressure

    • Petrophysical rock types and water saturation
    • Petrophysical rock type workshop
    • Applied capillary pressure and calibrating water saturation
    • Capillary pressure workshop

    Participants will learn about petrophysical rock types and water saturation on the third day as well as capillary pressure.  Applied capillary pressure and calibrating water saturation will also be covered.  Workshops for this day will include a petrophysical workshop and a capillary pressure workshop.

    Day 4

    Reservoir Facies

    • Core and log integration workshop
    • Reservoir facies
    • Reservoir facies characterization workshop

    Day four will focus mainly on reservoir facies.  This day will also include two workshops one over core and log integration and the other over reservoir facies characterization.  

    Day 5

    Flow Units and Permeability Prediction

    • Pore geometry, clays, and the relationship to water saturation
    • Flow units and permeability prediction
    • Permeability prediction workshop
    • Flow unit workshop

    On day five participant will learn about pore geometry and clays and their relationship to water saturation methods from logs.  Flow units and permeability prediction will also be discussed.  The day will end with workshops over flow united and permeability prediction.

    Day 6

    Well Evaluation Workshop and Final Presentations

    • Well evaluation workshop
    • Final presentation of workshop learnings from participants

    The last day will consist of a well evaluation workshop where participants will integrate lithology, core and log porosity, Sw and capillary pressure, and permeability predictions into logs.  They day will end with final presentation of workshop learning from participants.

    Petrophysicists, Geologists, Reservoir and Production Engineers, and Core and Log Analysts.

    Participant need to have a basic knowledge of petrophysical analysis and integration concepts.

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