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    Advanced Formation Evaluation in Carbonates, Clastics and Basement Rock

    This course covers advanced knowledge and expertise in formation evaluations in carbonates, clastics and basement rock and will be suitable for all geoscientists and engineers  

    Day 1
    • Geology of Carbonates
    • Geology of sandstones
    • Dolomitization
    • Core analysis to obtain porosity, permeability and capillary pressure
    Day 2
    • Shale analysis using elemental capture spectroscopy (ECS)
    • Evaluations of laminated and dispersed shale
    • Evaluations of Cation Exchange capacity (CEC) from cores and logs
    • Thin Bed Evaluations and low resistivity pay zones
    Day 3
    • Water saturation computations in shaly-sand
    • Empirical shaly-sand equations
    • Excess conductivity equations: Waxman-Smits (WS), dual Water, modified W-S.
    • Permeability estimations in clastics
    Day 4
    • Log Evaluations in carbonates
    • Variable m and n
    • Formation Factor applications
    • The effects of micro-porosity
    • Permeability estimations in carbonates


    Day 5
    • Geology and Petrophysics of Basement Rock.
    • The concept of probabilistic interpretations (e.g. ELAN, TECHLOG)
    • Flow units using modified Lorenz plot
    • Rock- Pore type

    This course will be suitable for all geoscientists and engineers

    • Geology of Carbonates and Clastics
    • Core analysis to obtain porosity, and permeability
    • Shale Analysis: Elemental Capture Spectroscopy to give evaluations of lithology and shale volume, evaluation of dispersed and laminated shales, definition and measurement of the Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC)
    • Thin Beds (TB) and Low resistivity pay (LRP) zones: This is an outline of the various techniques to evaluate TB and LRP reservoirs including borehole imaging, NMR and Rt Scanner
    • Log Interpretations in Clastics: This covers the various shaly-sand equations both the empirical versions (e.g. Indonesia, Nigeria, etc..) and the excess conductivity equations (e.g. Waxman-Smits, Dual Water, etc..)
    • Permeability estimations in clastics reservoirs
    • Geology and Petrophysics of Basement Rock
    • Log Interpretations in Carbonates that covers the following: 
      • Variable-m and the Formation Factor
      • Wettability and variable-n from logs
      • Effect of Vugs and fractures
      • Macro and Microporosity
      • Permeability estimations in Carbonates
    • Pore Geometry and Flow Units covering:
      • Capillary Pressure Measurements and capillary pressure obtained from NMR
      • J-Factor applications
      • Flow Units applying modified Lorenz principle
      • Petro-Rock Typing

    Workshops: 1-2 hours daily of workshop examples

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