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    Advanced GeoSteering and Reservoir Mapping

    This is an advanced course for geosteering engineers or personnel involved in the proces of placing a well that covers the newer technologies and processes in the industry in Distance to Boundary (DAR) and Ultra Deep Azimuthal Resistivity (UDAR) techniques.

    Day 1: Introduction

    • Introduction of UDAR tools
    • EM physics
    • Concept of Dimensionality

    Day 2: Deep Azimuthal Resistivity (DAR): Distance to boundary

    • Review of Day 1
    • Distance to boundary  - Measurements
    • Distance to boundary - Stochastic inversion
    • Practical

    Day 3: Ultra Deep Azimuthal Resistivity (UDAR): Reservoir Mapping

    • Review of Day 2
    • distance to boundary - Deterministic inversion
    • Practical
    • Reservoir Mapping- Measurements
    • Reservoir Mapping - Interpretation

    Day 4: UDAR Real Time operations & Practical

    • Review of Day 2
    • Practical
    • Real Time Operations (data streaming,decision making…)
    • Practical
    • Post job interpretation

    Day 5: Latest UDAR technologies - 3D reservoir Mapping & Look Ahead

    • Review of Day 4
    • 1D/2D/3D inversions
    • 3D Reservoir Mapping - measurements
    • 3D Reservoir Mapping - inversion
    • Look Ahead - measurements
    • Look Ahead - interpretation

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