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    Advanced Slickline Operations

    The course consists of theoretical sessions in the classroom delivered by experienced professionals discussing tools and operations; the participants will also have various practical exposure sessions using the Slickline well/pad and having hands on sessions using the Slickline tools in the workshop.

    The class will be 50% in classroom and 50% practical in the workshop and wellsite pad, including access to an actual well.


    Day 1


    • Arrival and welcome to the Course (Induction).
    • QUIZ (Basic Slickline Training Course) To be used as a pre-course quiz to check the SL knowledge of the participants.
    • QUIZ-Review of the SL Basic Training  Course and open discussions.
    • SL Units/Wire/PCE/SL Tool String/Certifications/What must be controlled.
    • H.A.R.C/SDP/RIR's -Safety (Slides) 


    • Oilfield Calculations
    • SL Units/Wire/PCE/SL Tool String/Certifications/What must be controlled.
    • H.A.R.C/SDP/RIR's -Safety (Slides) 
    Day 2


    • (Work shop) Wire Tests- Practicals
    • (Work shop) Pressure Control Equipment - Practicals
    • (Work shop) Basic toolstring components - Practicals.
    • (Work shop) Pulling Tools - Practicals



    • Work shop - Shifting Tools - practicals.
    • Work shop - Open/Close SSD's on the simulator.
    • Work shop - Kickover tools practicals.
    • Work shop - Set and Retrive Gaslift Valves in the SPM on the simulator.
    • Workshop (Otis- Baker-Petroline and PCE locks) - practicals
    Day 3


    • (Well Site) Rig-up Slickline (Open Hole)
    • (Work site) Winch, p'packs Practical - RIH/POOH. (Locate LN with Gauge Cutter)
    • (Work site) RIH Set and Retrive FB-2 Baker 2.75" - Jar Practicals.
    • (Work site) Open/Close SSD's - Jar Practicals.


    • (Work site) - Set and Retrive Gaslift Valves.
    • (Work site) RIH Set and Retrive Plugs Baker & Otis.
    Day 4


    • Fishing - Theory. Top wire Calculations. Fishing Scenarios.
    • (Work shop) - (Flopetrol wire cutter- on simulator).
    • (Work shop) - Fishing Tools.



    • QUIZ 
    • Oilfield Calculations



    Day 5


    • QUIZ -Review.
    • Transport back to accomodation



    • Appraisal's
    • Round Table / Diplomas

    Technicians, supervisors or engineers with previous experience of slickline.

    The course practices with Pressure Control Equipment, working with gal lift equipment, fishing and other SL applications.


    The audience must be familiar with slickline (SL) applications, equipment and operations. Participants must have participated in SL operations, ejther as equipment operators or as operations supervisors.

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