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    Advanced Well Testing Operations - ELC

    The course will be held at SLB's European Learning Center (ELC) training facility in Melun, France.

    This course is built on the previous practical knowledge assimilated during the Fundamentals of Well Testing Operations class. In each of the element constituting a well testing operation, we will focus on the aspects of job planning, job design and safe execution of each component of the operation. This class is mostly classroom based but will include some exposure sessions in the training center pads and workshops. Some software will be used and practiced during this course.

    Throughout this course, safety will be a primary focus and participants will be shown HSE best practices that should be implemented during each phase of well testing operations.

    Day 1

    09.00 ELC Induction and HSE Briefing

    09.15 Introduction to Complex Job design (Deepwater and HPHT Safety Considerations)

    Brief introduction to complexities when designing Deepwater and HPHT operations

    09.45 Well Test Interpretation Advanced

    Introduction to Inflow/Outflow Relationship and Nodal Analysis

    Basic Fluid Properties (Density, Specific Gravity, Viscosity)

    Hydrocarbon Compositions

    Phase Envolope and Phase Behavior

    Pressure vs Fluid Properties (Formation Volume Factor, Gas-Oil-Ratio, Density)

    Reservoir Fluid Classification

    12.30 Lunch

    13.30 Reservoir Sampling and Analysis Advanced - Lab and Onsite Fluid Analysis

    Fluid Analysis Labs, type of Analysis and services they perform

    Special PVT Analysis in the Lab. Flow Assurance studies

    Onsite PVT Analysis (PVT Xpress, ONYX): principle of operations, benefits and applications

    Introduction to Sampling Service Delivery Procedures & Sampling Quality Assurance (Seal selection, high H2S, coated tools, power fluid calculation…)

    Day 2

    09.00 TCP Advanced

    TCP Service Delivery Procedure Introduction

    TCP Correlation and Space Out 

    TCP SPAN Introduction (SLB Perforating Analysis Software)

    12.30 Lunch

    13.30  DST Advanced

    DST Service Delivery Procedure Introduction

    DST Job desgin and DST Calculation

    Day 3

    09.00 Surface WellTest Advanced 

    Surface Testing Service Delivery Procedure Introduction

    12.30 Lunch

    13.30  Surface WellTest Advanced 

    Surface Welltest Safety Aspects and Considerations

    Day 4

    09.00 Surface WellTest Advanced

    Job Design and Preparation

    Creation and Edition of Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams

    Architest Introduction (Welltest Design and Simulation Software)

    12.00 Lunch

    13.00 Surface WellTest Advanced 

    Welltesting Consideration and Responsibility



    Day 5

    09.00 Testing Data Acquisition (TDA) and Multiphase Flowmeter (Vx) Advanced

    Data Acquisition Reporting and Transmission (DART) Introduction plus Real Time Connectivity, Collaboration, and Information Service InterACT 

    Gauges Job Design 

    Vx Advisor Introduction - Multiphase Flowmeter Validation Software

    12.00 Lunch

    13.00 Q & A Session


    Class Evaluation

    Round table and wrap up

    Reservoir Engineers, Production Engineers, Petroleum Engineers, Production Supervisors as well as others needing an advanced  understanding of Well Testing job planning, job design and safe job execution.

    • Well Test Interpretations
    • Surface Well Testing - Complex Job design and Operations
    • Testing Data Acquisition
    • Fluid Sampling and Analysis
    • Drill-Stem Testing - Job design and Operations
    • Tubing Conveyed Perforating - Job design and Operations
    • HSE Best Practices

    Ideally the participant should have attended a Fundamental of Well Testing Operations class prior to attending this session. Alternatively, a thorough understanding of the practical aspect of well testing operations is strongly recommended.

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