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    Advances in Coiled Tubing (Spanish)

    This 5-day course is delivered by a Spanish speaking instructor with presentations in Spanish. This 5-day course discusses advances in Coiled Tubing applications and latest developments addressed initially for the shale market in the United States, but slowly are being adopted in conventional Coiled Tubing market. The course revisits typical Coiled Tubing concerns (pressure control and high pressure applications, CT logging and perforating, pipe management, among others), fundamental for beginners, while providing value even to the most experienced participants in the class. Preferentially, the course is to be deilivry near a SLB Coiled Tubing field base to enable a visit for visualization of equipment. A first day quizz allows the instructor to steer the approach for the audience and a last day quiz evaluates progress.

    Day 1

    Wellcome 1st day Quiz Revision of CT applications CT equipment Pressure Control Equipment

    Day 2

    Visit to a Coiled Tubing base Coiled Tubing data aquisition system Coiled Tubing manufacturing Coiled Tubing string and pipe management

    Day 3

    Logging with Coiled Tubing Coiled Tubing Job Design Coiled Tubing Perforating Contingency Planning and Emergency Reponses High Pressure Coiled Tubing

    Day 4

    Coiled Tubing Case Studies Coiled Tubing New Technologies Coiled Tubing Downhole Tools Coiled Tubing Completions

    Day 5

    "BlueCoil" - CT new technology Last day Quiz

    Drilling and Completion Engineers, Well Intervention Engineers and Supervisors, Production Engineers and Supervisors and other personnel related to well intervention operations. This course is particularly suited to personnel changing job to Well Interventions and requiring a quick update of Coiled Tubing technologies.

    Experience in Well Completions and Well Interventions.

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