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    AI Projects showcase

    The "AI Project Showcase" is a comprehensive three-day training program. It is designed to illustrate the transformative capabilities of AI in real-time energy industry projects. Various case studies are presented, emphasizing the use and integration of machine learning and AI technologies in optimizing and enhancing industry-specific operations, providing a holistic view of AI's potential in the energy sector.

    •       AutoQC for Wireline – automating operations with ML; applications on acoustic imagers

    •       Automated lithology – deep learning for surface logging, microscope images

    •       Borehole image inpainting – deep generative models for borehole images

    •       Hybrid models for water analysis (oneSubsea)

    •       Event Detection In Drilling Remarks Using Natural Language Processing – NLP

    •       Embedding Artificial Intelligence on LWD Images for Automated Drilling Optimization- Deep learning embedded in the firmware

    •       Automated Corrosion Analysis – annotation free model

    •       Drilling Fluids Recommender System – unsupervised learning

    •       Multitasking Physics-Informed Neural Network for Drillstring Washout Detection

    •       Deep learning for assessing image quality:

    •       Image alignment (morpho algorithm)

    •       Dip picking

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