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    Air Emissions The Big Picture

    This course provides an overviewof air emissions, both pollutants and Greenhouse Gases: what they

    are, where they come from, andtheir impact on climate and the environment.


    • What are Criteria Air Contaminants (CAC)?
    • Impact of CACs on the Environment (Particulate and ChemicalPollution)
    • What are Greenhouse Gases (GHG)?
    • Impact of GHGs on Climate Change
    • GHG Emissions Stats (Past / Present / Future Forecasts)



    • Natural
    • Anthropogenic


    Oil& Gas Industry’s Role

    • Stages

       â–ª Drilling,Completions & Workovers

       â–ª Production

       â–ª Gathering

       â–ª Processing

    • Sources

       â–ª FuelCombustion

       â–ª Flaring

       â–ª Venting

       â–ª FugitiveEmissions


    All the professionals  from the oil and gas sector (upstream , midstream and downstream)  and energy sector in general who are interested to improve their knowledge in Air Emissions

    • Overview

    • Source Categories

    • Oil & Gas Industry’s Role


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