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    Applied History Matching

    This course is designed to deliver a practical focus on history matching, uncertainty quantification, sensitivity and optimization workflows. The main purpose is to provide participants with sufficient conceptual background information and tutorial-based experience which give them enough confidence and understanding to reproduce workflows in their daily operations.

    Both assisted history matching and automatic history matching techniques will be covered and pros and cons of the methods will be discussed. Examples will be presented to illustrate the current state of the art and limitations. The Eclipse, FrontSim and Petrel programs will be used to provide hands-on experience with the various techniques.

    Day 1


    • Overview of History Matching
    • Stages and Best Practices of History Matching
    • Examples of Adjustments in History Matching
    • Fundamentals of Reservoir Simulation
      • Multiphase Flow Concepts
        • Saturation
        • Capillary Pressure
        • Relative Permeability
        • Multiphase Flow Equations
      • Reservoir Fluid Phase Behavior
      • Transmissibility
    Day 2

    Streamline Simulation

    • Basic Principles of Streamline Simulation
    • FrontSim: Basic Input and Output
    • How to Run FrontSim
    • Streamline  Exercises using FrontSim
    • Streamline Based History Matching Workshop with FrontSim
    Day 3

    History Matching with Streamline Simulation

    • Mathematics Behind History Matching
    • History-Match as an Approach to Reduce Uncertainty
      • Uncertainity Analysis
      • Uncvertainty Analysis Workflow in Petrel
    • History Matching with Streamline Simulation
    • History Matching and Primary Production Workshop
    Day 4

    Uncertainty in History Matching

    • Importance of sub-surface uncertainties in History matching
    • Uncertainty Analysis – Concepts, definitions and terminologies
    • Modeling and propagating uncertainty
    • Sensitivity Analysis methods
    • Upscaling for History Matching
    Day 5

    Assisted History Matching and Proxy Modeling

    • Assisted History Matching Workflow in Petrel
    • Introduction of Experimental Design and Surrogate Models
    • Notions of manual and computer-aided history matching
    • Analysis methods
    • Assisted History Matching workflows
    • Exercises

    Engineers and scientists who are dealing with reservoir modeling

    Familarity with Eclipse, FrontSim and Petrel helps but not required

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