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    Applied Water Technology in Oil and Gas Production

    This course provides an overview of the main water handling systems –typically encountered in upstream (E&P) production operations, both onshore and offshore. The chemistry of the main water-related problems of mineral scales, corrosion, bacteria, and oily water will be reviewed both from the theoretical and practical aspects. Produced water treatment equipment and typical water quality specifications will also be reviewed, as well as water injection and disposal systems. An exercise will be given to identity typical system problems and to apply the knowledge you gained to propose solutions. Emphasis will be placed on understanding and resolving operational problems in process equipment.

    • Pre-test
    • Water chemistry fundamentals
    • Specification & requirements of the water used in oil industries.
    • Water Sampling

    • Produced Water Fundamentals
    • Water Treatment Emulsion
    • Water Treatment Process and Equipment

    • Water Treatment Process and Equipment (Cont.)
    • Polishing
    • Water de oxygenation process

    • Chemical treatment
    • Water treatment microbiology

    • Scale Management
    • Corrosion management
    • Water quality treatment monitoring
    • Post test

    • Production chemist and technicians
    • Surface Production facilities operations engineers and operators
    • Laboratory technicians
    • Water chemistry fundamentals

    • Water sampling
    • Water treatment processes
    • Chemical treatment
    • Scale and corrosion management
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