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    Artificial Lift Technology

    The course will provide basic knowledge of Artificial Lift. Review of fluid properties, multiphase flow regimes and all lifting methods: rod pumps, progressive cavity pumps (PCP), gas lift and electrical submersible pumps (ESP),  Discussion of alternate deployments and multi-sensor applications for surveillance and optimization. Strategies and best practices for field production optimization are discussed. The effectiveness for NODAL systems analysis for lifting performance optimization is demonstrated. Workshop format with presentations, discussions and hands-on exercises.

    Day 1

    Fluid Flow Fundamentals

    • Black Oil PVT
    • Inflow Performance Relationships
    • Nodal Analysis Technology
    Day 2
    • Overview of Artificial Lift
    • Comparison of Artificial Lift Systems
    • Artificial Lift Selection
    • Beam (Rod) Pump Systems
      • Surface and Subsurface Equipment
      • Power Requirements
    Day 3
    • Beam (Rod) Pump Systems (Cont)
      • Dynamometers and Troubleshooting
      • Optimization
      • Exercise for Designing a SRP System
    • Progressive Cavity Pumps System
      • Applications
      • Surface and Subsurface Equipment
      • Geometry of Downhole Pump
      • Fit (Interference), Viscosity, Slip
      • Elastomers
      • Power Requirement
      • Exercise for Designing a PCP System
    Day 4
    • Electric Submersible Pumps (ESP)
      • Applications, Design and Selection of ESP's
      • Surface Equipment
      • Subsurface Equipment
      • Installation and Operations
      • Exercise
    Day 5
    • Gas Lift Systems
      • Principles of Gas Lift
      • Gas Lif Valves
      • Design and Operations
      • Intermittent vs. Continuous Systems
      • Exercise

    Engineers or geoscientists involved in wells surveillance, maximizing recovery or identifying production problems in artificially lifted wells. Others interested in learning the basic concepts of artificial lift technology.

    Participants should be familiar with basic Production Engineering, have some field experience in Production and basic knowledge of artificial lift systems.

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