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    Authorized Gas Tester – Level 1

    Course Objective
    • This program is designed to meet the training and knowledge assessment requirements for personnel preparing to work as Authorised Gas Testers Level 1 and is required for those involved with performing a test for oxygen, flammable, and toxic gases up to and including working in confined spaces
    • The training course has been designed to meet the Performance Criteria of CPD.
    The following points shall be discussed in the course:
    • Testing in confined spaces
    • Relevant legislative controls
    • Atmosphere measuring and monitoring equipment
    • Gas testing in confined spaces
    • Interpreting and documenting the results
    • Classroom - Listening and contributing to discussions and exercises (Group Discussions)
    Pass Requirements
    • Multiple-choice assessment with 70% pass
    • Course available in English and Arabic

    • An introduction and definition of confined spaces
    • Interpreting operational instructions
    • Legislation, Codes of Practice, and Guidance Notes
    • Testing requirements for oxygen, flammable and toxic gases
    • Procedures for confined space atmosphere testing
    • Selection and use of suitable gas detectors
    • Properties of gases and vapors
    • Identify problems and limitations in their knowledge and expertise
    • Interpretation and recording of results
    • Personal protective equipment
    • Examples and experiences of good and bad practice
    • Hot work and the production of flammable and toxic gases
    • The implications of organizational and statutory requirements
    • How to select, use, and care for PPE and RPE
    • Working within the Permit to Work system
    • Interpreting operational requirements
    • The hazards and properties of flammable gases
    • The behavior of different flammable and toxic gases
    • How a flammable gas or vapour clouds could arrive at the hot work site
    • Checking the controls on the equipment
    • The importance of regular communication
    • Completing the relevant documentation

    • The operating principles of atmosphere measuring equipment.
    • The strengths and weaknesses of flammable and toxic gas detection equipment.
    • How to set up the relevant detector and confirm its correct functioning.
    • Locating sentinel-styled equipment for optimum benefit.
    • How to correctly obtain a representative sample of the atmosphere being tested Gas detector prestart checks and calibrating the instruments.
    • Detectors used for the flammable product Interpreting and documenting the results
    • How to follow up and implement the Gas strategy plan in the workplace.
    • Practical session
    • Final exam

    • This qualification is required for those personnel working in an industrial environment who are to be involved with performing a test for oxygen, flammable, and toxic gases up to and including working in confined spaces

    Topics Covered

    • Applicable Regulations
    • Properties of chemicals
    • Gas laws
    • Oxygen deficiency – causes and testing
    • Gas detectors – selection, care, use, and limitations
    • Gas testing strategies and principles.
    •  The content of this and all our courses has been independently certified as conforming to universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) guidelines and comes with a Certified CPD Statement.
    Topics include: 
    • Testing for oxygen, flammable gases, and toxic gases up to and including
    • working in confined spaces.
    • Testing for flammable gas in preparation for hot work.
    • Safety watch duties by the ongoing monitoring of a hot work site.
    • Risk assessment with regard to gas testing
    • Understanding the hazards and behaviors of flammable and toxic gases
    • and when there is an oxygen deficit,
    • Using proper PPE
    • Permit to Work System
    • The entire scope of use of the equipment (e.g., Checks, Calibration)
    • Frequency and benefits of gas testing
    • How to decipher and record results  

    • It is the responsibility of the employer or delegates to assess their ability and fitness to safely attend this training program.

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