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    Avocet Fundamentals

    In this course, you will discover Avocet as the platform engineered for your operation. We will take you through a pre-prepared configuration of a production operations environment to show the benefits of Avocet in a variety of production scenarios. The idea is to use Avocet to boost productivity and efficiency of the production operations.

    During this course, you will explore Avocet for: Production Network Management, Field Data Capture, Production Allocation, and Shortfall Analysis.

    Through a series of hands-on activities, you discover Avocet user interface from simple to complex workflows that illustrates the power of Avocet.

    On request, this course can be tailored to meet your requirements, including the use of your own field data and the Avocet software version you use.

    Avocet Fundamentals is an awareness level course designed for professionals associated with the oil and gas industry.

    Anyone interested in gaining a general understanding of Avocet as Production Operations Software Platform.

    • Introduction to the Avocet user interface and its main components
    • Creation of the subsurface network and wellbore schematic
    • Creation of the surface network and network diagram
    • Set-up of operator routes and stops
    • Operator data collection via both manual entry automated data loading
    • Integration of data from real-time sensors
    • Display of production information on a surveillance dashboard
    • Production back-allocation processing
    • Shortfalls and downtime analysis

    Attendees should be familiar and comfortable with Windows environment and Microsoft Office. Knowledge of oil and gas production operation is useful but not required.

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