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    Avocet Software Development Kit (SDK)

    In this course, you will explore the functionalities of the Avocet Software Development Kit.  Also, you will learn how to extend and enhance the capabilities of Avocet using the Avocet Software Development Kit (SDK), such as: adding calculation routines, accessing data and creation of customized user screens for specific workflows.

    Day 1
    • Introduction to Avocet – the user interface, the architecture and the “services” provided by Avocet.
    • Understanding the extensibility offered through the platform
    • Examining the primary configuration files used by the system
    • The anatomy of an extension and layering
    • Adding to / customizing the data model
    Day 2
    • Navigators
    • Creating XML-based screens
    Day 3
    • Creating a development project and running a hello world process
    • Using avocet’s services programmatically (data access, units, localization, type system)
    • Using the item performance cache
    Day 4
    • Using the SDK wizards
    • Creating coded screens
    • Communicating between the client tier and server tier
    • Using the configuration files to point to external data sources
    • Shared calculations
    Day 5
    • A full WPF screen
    • Item link chains
    • Deploying an extension
    • Developer best practices

    Software developers who require practical training in how to customize Avocet to extend its capabilities

    • The Avocet architecture and layering
    • Data modelling
    • Screens which don’t require coding
    • Processes
    • Coded screens

    Attendees should have medium to strong C# development experience. Attendees will work in Visual Studio 2013. Prior knowledge of Avocet would be useful, but is not required.

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