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    Banksman Slinger Training

    Course Description:

    • This course is to guide your fleet to safety with expert banksman training
    The role of Banksman:
    • The person in charge of directing the movements of large vehicles on a work site by using a system of hand signals or a radio link in order to prevent these accidents and keep workers safe. They make sure any manoeuvres made during loading and unloading don’t put the driver or anyone else in danger.
    Why taking Banksman training:
    • Reversing manoeuvres are common, but dangerous – particularly in confined spaces. Banksman training ensures that organizations meet their legal requirements and reduce the risk of costly accidents when carrying out large vehicle reversing manoeuvres.
    Day 1
    • Recent History and Incidents with Mechanical Lifting
    • Group Exercise
    • Banksman/ Slinger/ Signalman Responsibilities
    • Person in Charge (PIC)
    • Lift Categorization
    • 10 Questions for a Safe Lift
    • Working Load Limit and Safe Working Load
    • Lifting Equipment
    • Lifting Appliances
    • Lifting Appliance Example – Mobile Crane
    • Examples of Hazards Associated with Using Mobile Cranes
    • Lifting Accessories
    • Shackles
    • Eye Bolts
    • Hooks
    • Safe Use of Slings
    • Spreader and Lifting Beams
    • Lifting & Slinging - Sling Use
    • Slings
    • Wire Rope Slings
    • Inspection of Wire Rope Slings
    • Chain Slings
    • Inspection of Chain Slings
    • Webbing/ Round Slings
    • Inspection of Webbing/ Round Slings
    • Inspection of Lifting Equipment
    • Storage and Control
    • Wire Rope Sling Configurations and Capacity
    • Choke Hitch Configuration
    • Basket Hitch Configuration Factors
    • Chain Sling Configuration and Capacity
    • Chain and Webbing/ Round Sling Mode Factors
    • Sling Rated Capacities
    • Loads – Examples
    • Load Weight and Centre of Gravity
    • Lifting Hand Signals
    • Crane Instructions when using Radios
    • Slinging and Signalling for Lifting for Operations
    • Hands-Free/Hands-Safe Lifting
    • Tag Lines
    • Push/ Pull Poles
    • Safe Positioning and Barriers
    • Forklift Video
    • Control of Safety
    • Group Exercise
    • Course Review

    Assigned by Managment.

    • Understand the causes of accidents involving vehicles at work
    • Understand the legal responsibilities of the employer for the movement of vehicles
    • Understand the responsibilities of the Banksman
    • Understand the risks and control measures involved in the movement of vehicles
    • Guide Large Goods Vehicles in a confined space in line with legal and best practice requirements
    • Receive a qualification from a globally recognized provider of health and safety training

    This course is designed for anyone working in a role that requires them to direct the movement of Large Goods Vehicles in a confined space.

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