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    Basic Log Analysis and Formation Evaluation - RILS

    Basic Log Analysis and Formation Evaluation - Remote delivery Series is a basic level course that is focused on open hole well logging and fundamentals of formation evaluation. The course is designed to be delivered remotely using either a 5 sessions that are 6-7 hours each or 10 sessions that are 4 hours each.  The course can be delivered as a public class or customized for private offerings.  The course is designed for any technical person that needs a general knowledge of open hole well logs and basic formation evaluation. The course uses several workshops to introduce participants to the well logging tools, evaluating lithology, determining porosity, determining fluid saturations and fluid types. The workshops are designed to be completed using Excel versus commercial software.  Participants will complete a pre and post course technical assessment, so that they know how they improved during the training. During the final session, participants will complete an open hole well log evaluation.


    Day 1 - Course Introduction

    • Course Introduction
    • Participants complete pre-course technical assessment
    • Introduction to formation evaluation and reservoir characterization
    • Introduction Open Hole Well Log - Visual Analysis Well A - Exercise
    • Introduction to Open Hole Logging - What, How and Why
    • Introduction to Basic Log Analysis (Lithology, Porosity, Fluid Saturation and Permeability)
    • End of Day Quiz 

    Day 2 - Lithology and Introduction to Porosity

    • Review Key Learnings and Concepts from Day 1
    • Introduce Gamma Ray Tool 
    • Introduce Volume of Shale, Volume of Slit and Volume of Clay
    • Discuss common methods of determining volume of shale
    • Complete Workshop - Volume of Shale
    • Introduce Neutron and Density Open Hole Logging Tools
    • Discuss Neutron and Density Porosity
    • Complete Workshop - Neutron-Density Porosity & Lithology
    • Complete end of day quiz

    Day 3 - Lithology and Introduction to Porosity

    • Review Key Learnings and Concepts from Day 2
    • Visual Summary - Neutron-Density well logs (Lithology and Fluid Responses)
    • Introduction to Resistivity
    • Define and Discuss Rw, Rt and Invasion
    • Complete Rw Workshop 
    • Introduce Archie and the Archie Equation
    • Complete Basic Archie - Workshop
    • Complete Visual Resistivity - Workshop
    • Introduce Electrical Rock Properties
    • Discuss Neutron and Density Porosity
    • Complete Archie Sensitivity - Workshop
    • Complete end of day quiz

    Day 4 - Fluid Saturation,  Pickett Plots and Visual log Analysis

    • Review Key Learnings and Concepts from Day 3
    • Introduce PIckett Plots and How to Use Them
    • Complete Pickett Plot - Workshop
    • Introduce the NExT 3-Line Visual Log Analysis Method
    • Complete 3-Line - Workshop
    • Optional Special Topic 1 - Discuss PHIT & PHIE
    • Optional Special Topic 2 - Discuss NMR & Mineralogy Well Logs
    • Optional Special Topic 3 - Introduce Petrophysical Rock Types 
    • Complete end of day quiz

    Day 5  - Basic Open Hole Log Analysis - Lithology, Porosity, Fluid Saturation and Type

    • Review Key Learnings and Concepts from Day 4
    • Workshop - Well A & Well B Evaluations
    • Introduce the final well evaluation - workshop (a comprehensive well evaluation using all the key learnings from Day 1 to Day 5 - with Excel)
    • Participants will complete the post course technical assessment
    • If time permits we will complete Special Topic 2
    • Possible case study
    • Course Wrap-Up

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