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    Basic Reservoir Simulation

    To present the steps for preparation of data for input into a reservoir simulator and step by step workflow to run a model to perform history matches of actual production data. This course will require computers/software. Eclipse software will be used to model create/execute models.

    Day 1

    Reservoir Simulation Overview, Data Gathering, Sources Of Data, Basic Data Qc, examples

    Overview of Reservoir Modeling

    Introduction to Reservoir Simulation

    What and why is Reservoir Simulation

    Purpose of Reservoir Simulation

    Formulation of Simulation Equations

    Reservoir Flow Equations

    Finite Difference Formulation

    Black oil Numerical Formulation

    Linearization and Solution Procedure

    Day 2

    Reservoir Simulation Step By Step, Rock Properties, PVT Properties, Exercises and Work Shop Problems

    Types of Reservoir Models

    Single Well Models

    X-Sectional Models

    Areal Models

    Rock Properties Data for Simulation Models

    Preparation of Simulation Data

    Capillary Pressure Data

    Relative Permeability Data

    Hysteresis in Rock Properties

    Fluid Properties Data for Simulation Models

    Fluid Properties Data

    Black oil vs Compositional Modeling

    Day 3

    Model Construction

    Uses and Steps in Reservoir Simulation

    Initialization of Simulation Models

    History Matching and Calibrating of Simulation Models

    Five Steps of History Matching

    Day 4

    Building the Dynamic Reservoir Model, Example

    Day 5

    Calibrating the Dynamic Model, Predicting Performance, Examples

    Field Development Planning

    Guidelines to Prediction Objectives

    Smooth Transition from History Matching to Future Prediction

    Data Requirement for Future Prediction

    Field Constraining Data

    Infill Drilling

    Economic Limit Definition and Utilization.

    Engineers, geoscientists, operating personnel, other actual or potential asset team members

    Understand the Mathematical Formulation of Black Oil Models

    Understand the Numerical Physics of Reservoir Simulation.

    Identify and Prepare the Required Data for Conducting Simulation Studies.

    Be familiar with the Different Types of Reservoir Models and their Purposes

    Understand the needed steps to Construct a Simulation Model

    Simulation Models Initialization and History Matching

    Finally the Use of Simulation Models for Full Field Development Planning

    Most of these Objectives would be Supported with Practical Sessions

    University degree

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