• Class and Course

    Basic Well Services

    The course will consist of a few theoretical sessions in the classroom with experienced professionals providing presentations of the tools and operations;
    The course will include a detailed introduction to Slick line equipment and instrumentation used to control condition and monitor down hole operations.
    The course will provide a clear understanding of the primary operations & need for Slick line in the oil & gas industry.
    At the end of the course the attendees will be familiar with the following topics:

    • Slick line unit

    • Pressure control equipment

    • Tools string components

    • Running and pulling tools

    • Locks, Standing Valves and Landing Nipples

    • Slick line rig up procedures

    • Running – Setting – Equalizing & Pulling process

    • Shifting tools

    • Service and remedial tools

    • X-mass tree valves

    • Well head configuration.

    • 1st day quiz

    • Surface Equipment introduction

      o WLUnit/PowerPack

      o Hoisting Unit

    • Pressure control equipment

      o Quick Union/Stuffing Box o BOPstack

      â–ª Pipe ram â–ª Shear ram â–ª Video

    • Lubricator/pressure test procedures

    • Tree Adapter

    • Case history

    • Group discussion & Quiz

    • Types of slick line/wire line o Braded line

      o Wire line/electric line

    • Subsurface equipment

    o Rope socket/stem /jar
    o Shifting tool/overshot/kick over tool... o Group discussion & Quiz

    • Subsurface Safety Systems
      o Types of Sub Surface Safety Valve
      o Remotely Controlled Sub Surface Safety

    • Group discussion & Quiz

    • Well Completion accessories
      o Types of Production tubing string o Tubingaccessories
      o packers
      o Groupdiscussion
      o Video

    • The Production Method o Artificial lift

      o Natural flowing

    • The Stage of Completion o Initial completion

      o Re-completion

      o Work-over

    • Group discussion & Quiz

    • Wellhead Systems
      o Introduction to Wellhead Systems o Functions of Wellhead Systems o Group discussion & Quiz

    • Rig up slick line procedures
      o Recommendedrigupprocedures o Safetyprecaution

    • Well head components

    o Tubing head spool o Casing head spool

    o Case history

    • Video

    • Group discussion & Quiz

    X-Trees (Completion equipment)
    o Types of X-Trees & Tubing hangers

    â–ª Composite
    â–ª Monobloc (Single & Dual) â–ª X-mass tree valves

    - Group discussion

    - Video

    • Course wrap up/feed back

    • Final Quiz

    • Junior Well service engineers, petroleum engineers, drilling engineers

    • Technicians working with well service field operations.

    • Production, maintenance, wireline, etc. Field engineers,

    • Operations supervisors and any other staff involved in the field operations.

    Basic knowledge of Well Construction and Well Completions.

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