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    Basics of Business Strategy RILS

    Business strategy is the foundation of your company – without a consistent, coherent strategy and goals, the chances of commercial success are minimal. In this class you will learn how to create and evaluate the various elements required for a solid strategy.

    The class uses the Vaughan Evans approach to strategy which is both well understood and utilized. Various relevant tools will be introduced – these will be available for students to use and apply in their own business environments after completing the training.

    Understanding your business and your aims

    • Introduction to business strategy
    • From vision to strategy 
    • What makes a good strategy and why? How does it differ from a business plan?

    External Strategic Drivers

    • Market Segmentation
    • Market characteristics
    • Market demand vs Industry supply
    • Competitive positioning

    Internal Strategic drivers

    • Organizational structure
    • Stakeholders
    • Cost v Investment
    • Product pipeline

    Business and Corporate Strategy

    • Balanced Scorecard for Performance
    • Strategy implementation
    • Organizational Alignment
    • Change management
    • Exit strategy

    Risk and opportunity management

    • Stress Testing your Strategy
    • SMART objectives
    • Creation and use of suitable metrics

    Setting relevant Objectives and Metrics

    Management, Strategists, and Business Unit owners 

    • Understanding your business and your aims
    •  External Strategic Drivers
    • Internal Strategic drivers
    • Business and Corporate Strategy
    • Risk and opportunity management


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