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    Basics of Shale Prospects

    Due to increasing global demand for clean hydrocarbons, the E&P companies are in search of unconventional resources. These unconventional resources include hydrocarbons recovered directly from organic rich shales. The approach required to economically extract oil and gas from shales is different as compared to conventional reservoirs and is continuously being evolved and improved. What started as an experiment more than three decades ago promises to be a major source of energy for decades to come.

    Day 1

    1) Introduction To Shales

    • A North American Success Story

    • International Growth Potential

    2) Shale vs Conventional – What’s Different?

    • Geology – What’s different?

    • Petrophysics – What’s different?

    • Geomechanics – What’s different?

    • Well Engineering – What’s different?

    • Drilling & Completions Operations – What’s different?

    • Production Management – What’s different?

    • Exploration, Appraisal & Development Frame Work – What’s different?

    3) Integrated Data to Decision Workflows

    • Drilling

    • Evaluation

    • Completion

    • Software

    4) Technologies, Performance Improvement & Best Practices

    • Early Exploration

    • Drilling Performance Improvement

    • Well Performance Improvement

    • Social & Environmental Sustainability

    5) Project Management Challenges

    Technical & Non-Technical Managers & Staff, Functional and Support Managers & Staff, Contracts & Procurement Managers, Business Leaders & Managers, Financial Institutions, New Shale Entrants, University Graduates.

    “Basics of Shale Prospects” is an awareness level course designed for participants of all technical and non-technical backgrounds. It is equally suited for professionals who have existing knowledge & experience in conventional reservoirs and would like to develop a broader understanding of shales, the challenges involved in their exploration & development and the technological solutions developed by the industry.

    This course provides attendees a broad overview of the current state of art in shale exploitation. Participants will understand what’s different between shales and conventional reservoirs going through the various phases of exploitation such as exploration, appraisal, drilling, completion, development/production and project man-agement. The course will help in demystifying the complexities of shale and make it easier for participants to understand and relate to within their own domains and backgrounds.

    Key Learning Elements

    • A basic understanding of shale resources, the technical challenges involved and the scientific & tech-nological advancements in the field to date.

    • Past industry performance, current best practices and opportunities for improved economic perfor-mance with higher levels of environmental & social sustainability

    Basic knowledge of E&P Oil and Gas Industry 

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