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    Becoming an Inspirational Leader in Oil and Gas

    As a business leader in the oil and gas sector, managers will need to stay far ahead of competition. One way to do this is to become an inspirational leader, but how does one inspire others? What kind of leadership do people respond to?  How can a manager improve the quality of leadership in their business? How do managers inspire others?  Why do others want to follow managers and what makes them ‘go the extra mile’?

    The best leaders promote a culture where their people value themselves, each other, their organization, and the customers. Everyone understands how their work makes a difference and this helps to build a commitment to higher standards where everybody is always looking to do better.  Inspirational leadership is not a “gift of nature”. It requires awareness and practice.  This course will help managers identify the inspirational leader that is inside them. 

    Day 1

    The Context for Inspirational Leadership in a VUCA World 

    • The dimensions of an inspirational leader and characteristics
    • Understanding behavioral styles
    • Using values and motivation to inspire      

    On the first day participants will practice how to inspiring others, elaborate individual values and beliefs systems, and discovering motivational styles.


    Day 2

    The Application of Emotional Intelligence to Inspirational Leadership 

    • Creating a vision that inspires and aligns others
    • Inspiring in times of organizational change
    • Using 8 steps to set up and manage successfully a change project      

    Participants will learn how to formulate a clear and compelling personal vision.  They will also learn how to understand the different dimensions of change and have a coherent process to enable change to occur.

    Day 3

    Leading and Inspiring Through Change 

    • Using the Force Field to understand planned changes
    • Tools and techniques used in mastering change
    • Developing a personal action plan to implement       

    On the last day, participants will gain insights into the enablers and blockers of change.  They will learn about experimenting with concrete tool and techniques and sharing best practice solutions and practical applications.

    Middle and senior managers interested in taking their teams to the next level in performance and impact. 

    Solid grounding in management techniques and skills. At least 5-10 years professional experience as a senior manager/leader.

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