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    Business Writing

    Business Writing develops writing skills to ensure clear and concise persuasive writing.  At the end of the course, participants will understand the fundamentals of clear communication through writing. Using these techniques in the workplace can lead to fewer miscommunications and an improved rate of response.

    Day 1


    • Importance of Business Writing
    • Benefits of improving your writing style
    • Misconceptions and common mistakes

    Writing Persuasively:

    • Not what you say, but how you say it: Message Structure
    • Activity- Message structure making a difference
    • Get to the point: The “So What” test
    • Activity – Demonstrating the importance of the “So What” test
    • Back to basics: Content guidelines
    • Read and replied: Ensuring a timely response
    • Pay attention: Message formatting to highlight important information
    • Activity – Constructing efficient, effective emails
    Day 2

    Writing Clearly and Concisely

    • Think before you write : Planning message content
    • Activity – Planning Sheet
    • What not to write: Dos and don’ts of clear messages
    • Case Study – Common mistakes
    • Sincere or sarcastic?: Ensuring appropriate tone
    • Activity – Tone discrepancies between speech and writing
    • Let it flow: Enhancing readability through simple techniques
    • Activity – Improving message flow
    • Break writers block: Writing when you don’t know what to say
    • Handout – Breaking Writers Block
    Day 3

    Writing to Win

    • Speak their language: Writing for senior management
    • It’s Not Greek to me: Sharing technical information for enhanced understanding
    • Activity – Simplifying complex information
    • Think twice: Message content better left unwritten
    • Case Study – Repercussions of sending angry or inappropriate emails
    • Make the best of a bad situation: Delivering bad news in a positive way
    • Activity – Rephrasing the message, adding a positive spin
    • Dazzle your coworkers: Creating Effective presentations and writing business documents
    • Handout – Effective presentation guidelines and formatting examples for business documents
    • Go the extra mile: Writing etiquette to help you stand out from the crowd
    • Last, but not least: Proof Reading.
    • Activity – Proof Reading
    • Certificate Presentations

    Those who want to improve their business writing skills. 

    Information within the course is broken down into three sections: ‘Writing Clearly and Concisely’, ‘Writing to Win’, and ‘Writing Persuasively’.

    ‘Writing Persuasively’ includes the following topics:

    • Writing strategies
    • Ensuring effectiveness of the message
    • Writing for your reader - using appropriate language and creating urgency

    ‘Writing Clearly and Concisely’ includes the following topics:

    • Planning message content and structure
    • Clarifying the message and enhancing readability
    • Editing and proof-reading techniques

    ‘Writing to Win’ includes the following topics:

    • Capturing attention; Ensuring your message is read
    • An overview of the best – and worst – methods of communication
    • Essential forms of written communication for the workplace

    This session on Business Writing requires the ability to read and write English. Participants will be expected to read at a ninth grade level in order to best benefit from topics discussed. 

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