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    Capacity Management & Inventory Control

    Capacity and inventory management are fundamental topics of operations management, as they concern the planning and control of the supply or processing side of matching supply and demand. As such, they constitute two active research areas in the operations management field that, as we will show, are fast evolving.

    Capacity Management 

    • Define Capacity
    • What is Capacity Management?
    • Types of Capacity Management
    • Operations Scheduling & Planning
    • Types of Operations Scheduling
    • What is Aggregate Planning?
    • Strategies of Aggregate Planning
    • Production Planning & Control
    • Explain the Inventory Models
    • Principles of Material Handling
    • Planning & Scheduling Maintenance
    • Waiting Line Queue Management
    • Characteristics of a Queue System
    • World Class Manufacturing (WCM)
    • WCM Techniques

    Inventory Management Overview

    • Inventory Management Objectives and Importance
    • Understanding of Inventory Flow in Modern Supply Chain
    • Demand Planning Information System Considerations
    • Role of Finance in Inventory Management and Cost Implications
    • Importance of Customer Service in Inventory Management

    Classification of Inventory and Demand Planning

    • Types of Inventory and Classification Models
    • Applications of ABC Ranking
    • Overview of Inventory Order Cycle
    • Types of Demand and Various Factors Influencing Demand
    • Factors Affecting Demand Forecast Accuracy and Measurement
    • Various Demand Patterns
    • Understanding Supply Lead Time

    Inventory Systems and Methods

    • Overview of Inventory Systems and Methods
    • Factors of Inventory Holding and Ordering Costs
    • Implications of Free Stock & Quantity Discount
    • The Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) Model
    • Simple Replenishment Methods (Min/Max levels)
    • Determining the Reorder Point (ROP)
    • Material Requirement Planning (MRP) Systems and Methods

    Stock Controlling Tools and Techniques

    • Standard Stock Movement Procedure in Warehouse
    • Establishing Stock Checking and Accuracy
    • Stock Reconciliation and Discrepancies Management
    • Excess and Obsolete Stock Analysis
    • Types of Inventory Methods (JIT, FIFO, LIFO ect.)
    • Various Stock Coding Methods

    Inventory Management Best Practices

    • Common Pit Falls in Inventory Management
    • Techniques of Inventory Control
    • Inventory Reduction Methods
    • Stock Disposals (Excess, Obsolete, Expired and Damaged)
    • Automation (Forecasting, Replenishment, WMS etc.)
    • Continues Improvement
    • Measuring Inventory Management Performance (KPIs and Setting Targets)

    As inventory management affects all aspects of manufacturing and service operations this course is aimed primarily at professionals from the disciplines of: Finance, Supply Chain, Procurement, Customer Service, Warehouse Management.

    • Capacity Management 
    • Inventory Management Overview
    • Classification of Inventory and Demand Planning
    • Inventory Systems and Methods
    • Stock Controlling Tools and Techniques
    • Inventory Management Best Practices


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