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    Cased Hole and Production Log Evaluation

    This course covers a wide range of topics that cover Open Hole formation evaluation and cased hole production logging and reservoir monitoring. The course covers the following topics:

    General: This covers tool conveyance in Open hole and in cased hole. It also covers well completion and depth control.

    Open hole: A general overview of open hole logging to obtain porosity, lithology and water saturation. Open hole log data and essential as an input into cased hole log evaluation.

    Reservoir monitoring: This cover Pulsed Neutron Log applications to obtain water saturations using Neutron Capture mode and Carbon/Oxygen mode. Resistivity measurements behind the casing is also presented for conductive casings (steel) and non-conductive casings (plastic, fibre-glass). Finally cased hole Wireline formation testing is presented that is used to obtain pressure/permeability/sampling behind the casing.

    Production logging is covered to obtain oi/gas/water production at any selected interval in vertical/horizontal/deviated wells.

    Well integrity will cover leak detection using temperature/noise/Oxygen activation logging. Cement evaluation will also be covered in details using Ultrasonic and acoustic logging. Permanent temperature fibre glass sensors will also be presented. Finally corrosion theory and measurements will be presented indetails outlining the different tools used.

    Day 1

    a-  General

    • Well completions
    • Tool conveyance in Open Hole and Cased Hole
    • Depth Control

     b- Open Hole Logging: Tools and their applications

    • Logging tools an dtheir applications: GR; Density- Neutron , Resistivities in invaded and uninvaded zone.  
    • Open Hole Interpretations (Archie- DW)

    Workshop on Basic Open Hole Interpretation

    Day 2

    c- Reservoir Monitoring

    • Neutron Interaction with fotmations and fluids
    • Pulsed Neutron Logging (PNL)
    • PNL Capture mode
    • Log-Inject-Mode for determining ROS

    Workshop on Saturation Monitoring (Sw) from Neutron Capture Model

    Day 3

    c- Reservoir Monitoring- cont

    • C/O mode
    • Resistivity behind conductive (steel) casing
    • Resistivity behind non-conductive (plastic) casing
    • Pressure measurement and sampling behind the casing

     d- Production Logging:

    • Production Logging overview
    • Slippage velocity

    Workshop on Saturation Monitoring (Sw) from C/O Mode

    Day 4

    e- Production Logging: Cont..

    • Measuring fluid velocities
    • Measuring fluid hold-up
    • Interpretation of Single phase, two phase and 3 phase flow
    • Production logging in horizontal wells: tools an dapplications

    Workshop on Production logging

    Day 5

    f- Well Integrity

    • Leak detection using temperature/noise/oxygen-activation
    • Cement Evaluation: Acoustic and ultrasonic cement evaluation logs
    • Corrosion Monitoring

    Workshop on leak detection, corrosion monitoring and cement evaluation.

    No previous knowledge of Open Hole and Cased Hole Evaluation is needed. This course will be suitable for all technical personnel in the various domains of the oil and gas industry.

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