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    Casing and Completion Design

    This course will focus on casing & tubing design, both from an engineering and an operation perspective. Design concepts will be covered for a wide range of straightforward, as well as hostile environments. The course will examine the nomenclature of casing & tubing design, manufacturing processes, material properties and material selection. The theory of burst, collapse, and axial loading will be discussed, along with design policies and procedures. Important API specifications and other industry standards will be discussed in order for the participants to become familiar with these documents. Connection and special cases including an overview of HPHT and sour service, will be covered.


    A significant part of the course will involve exercises and self-paced activities which may be completed outside the classroom schedule. Participants should have a personal calculator and access to a computer with TDAS (Tubular Design & Analysis Software) software program.

    Material and mechanical properties of steel

    API and ISO ratings and formulas

    Tubular design basics

    Oil country tubular goods manufacturing

    TDAS overview

    API and proprietary connections

    Sour service considerations

    Design principles and factors

    Casing Load concepts 

    Free Body Diagram, Hand calculations

    Load cases

    Casing design ruleset

    Completion design ruleset

    TDAS exercises

    Completion packer & operation envelopes

    Completion accessories 

    Torque & Drag basics

    TDAS exercises

    Thermal analysis basics

    APB (Annular Pressure Buildup) basics

    TDAS exercises

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