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    Certified Radiation Protection Officer (CRPO)

    • Provide detailed instructions in radiation safety and NORM control programs for personnel who are assigned the duties of Certified Radiation Safety Officer (CRSO).
    • Regulatory radiation protection requirements in the different industrial applications of the ionizing radiation i.e.,
    • NORM Management program.
    • Industrial Radiography.
    • industrial irradiators and accelerators.
    • Nuclear gauges.
    • Tracers.
    • Well logging devices.
    Course Objectives
    • Fully acquaint the user with the potential hazards of radiation and the accepted means of adequate protection to all concerned.
    • Frame work and guidance offered by the prevailing rules will be presented in great detail.
    Upon successful completion of this course the attendee will be able to:
    • Understand Radiation Safety.
    • Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation and Radiation Protection guides.
    • Understand Radiation Physics and its inter-relationship with matter.
    • Have an understanding of the requirements of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for Occupational exposure in NORM related activities.
    • Understanding and be aware of Radiation Safety and Protection of using Ionizing Radiation used in Oil and Gas Industry.

    • The course is recommended for those individuals who may be tasked with the program within their company, such as safety and environmental personnel.
    • The course provides the necessary knowledge and practical abilities required to implement and monitor a Radiation Protection Program.

    • Part I: Scientific and technical aspects of radiation protection.
    • Chapter 1: Radioactivity and radioactive decay.
    • Chapter 2: Interaction of radiation with matter.
    • Chapter 3: Radiation detectors, survey meters and monitors.
    • Chapter 4: Some radiation measurement techniques and statistical fluctuations.
    • Chapter 5: Dosimetry quantities and their units.
    • Chapter 6: Biological effects of radiation.
    • Chapter 7: Dose calculation.
    • Chapter 8: Radiation shielding.
    • Chapter 9: Practical Radiation Protection in Industrial Applications.
    • Part 2: Organizational aspects of radiation protection.
    • General framework and requirements for radiation protection.
    • Responsibilities of parties.
    • National (FANR) dose limits.
    • The radiation Protection Program (RPP).
    • The safe transport of radioactive material.

    • Radiation level 1
    • Environment Level 1
    • HSE Fundamental  

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