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    Certified Radiation Safety Officer CRSO

    Course Overview:

    • This Training Program is designed to provide delegates with a detailed and up-to-date overview of radiation safety and protection. It willenable the delegates to understand both ionizing and non-ionizing radiationtypes and the way to manage radiation materials efficiently and safely tominimize potential environmental impacts.
    • It also covers the basic physics of radiation, units, and biologicaleffects; calculations for radiation protection; health and safety exposures inradiation; storage of radiation sources; transport of radioactive substances;Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM), in Oil and Gas, as well aslocal rules, emergency response, and contingency plans.
    • The course will also cover personal dosimetry; radiationprotection practices including time, distance, shielding, PPE, etc.; as well asthe federal Authority for Nuclear Regulations (FANR); and roles andresponsibilities of a radiation safety officer (RSO) and radiation safetymanagement.
    Course Objectives:
    At the completion of the course, participants will be able to knowhow to:
    • Understand the IAEA Standards and CoP.
    • Understand UAE – FANR Radiation Protection Legislations /Regulations
    • Recognize Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM), in Oiland Gas.
    • Understand the methods used to carry out radiation exposure Survey& Assessments
    • Define and recognize the radiation Types
    • Determine the Biological effects of radiation exposure on personnel
    • Recognize the Effects of Direct and Indirect Radiation Exposure.
    • Recognize the Effects of Acute and Chronic Radiation Exposure.
    • Develop and implement radiation control procedures
    • Transport, and dispose of radiation materials
    • Understand Fundamental of Measuring, Monitoring for Site,Facilities & individuals
    • Understanding ALARA principle.
    • Understand the role of RSO
    • Handle Radiation Emergency & Develop ERP
    • Know the principles of Radiation Risk Management
    • Recognize Intervention in situations of chronic & emergencyexposure.

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