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    Change Management Awareness During Technical Implementations (VILT)

    This course introduces the leading steps and obstacles faced during major changes within an organization and provides an awareness of possible solutions and strategies to stop or mitigate the poor implementation of the changes and unsucessful change management.

    Overview of Change Management Requirements

    Topic 1: Recognize the 5 requirements for successful change management 

    Topic 2: Plan to overcome resistance to changes introduced by the technical implementation

    Laying the foundation for the initiative to be successful on the organizational level and not just on the technical level      

    Managing the Risks to the Success Using Change Management Techniques

    Topic 1: Identify potential organizational risks to the introduction of new technology

    Topic 2: Lay the foundation for the governance of the initiative using the RAPID model for decision making

    Participants will work to mitigate risks using a variety of techniques that will ensure that no risks are overlooked as they work the usual technical risks.   

    Building a Communication Plan to Engage and Gain Support from Stakeholders

    Topic 1: Conduct a stakeholder analysis   

    Topic 2: Understand all the common elements included in a viable communication plan

    Key to any initiative is to develop a Case for Change and a communication plan that builds confidence in various stakeholders.

    Cover the Tools Utilized in a Successful Planning Phase

    Topic 1: Determine from the impact analysis which will require training and build a delivery plan

    Topic 2: Assess business readiness before “go live” focus on activities to address any areas that indicate lack of readiness Identify now to handle various changes with the communications and training plans

    The success of any technical initiative will be meeting the business goals and not just the technical goals. Otherwise, the project can be a technical success but a business failure. 

    People experienced in delivering new technology to clients.

    • Understand why technical initiatives require robust change management for success at the organizational level.
    • Learn to use some tools offered to meet the change management requirements.
    • Recognize how to overcome resistance to changes required by the technical implementation.
    • Develop various plans – communications, risk and impact analysis – to successfully deliver the business goals.

    Participants should have been assigned, or recently participated in, a technical initiative to deliver change. That assignment will be utilized to apply the content offered in the course. 

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