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Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery Fundamentals

This course presents comprehensive aspects of chemical EOR processes including main reservoir description techniques, properties of used chemicals. The topics that are also covered include fractional flow theory, sampling techniques, Screening criteria for Chemical EOR processes and their economics.

Simulation of Chemical EOR methods will also be covered through demonstrative examples.

Day 1
  • Definition
  • Different EOR Processes –Concepts, Limitations & Challenges
  • EOR Screening Criteria
  • Displacement Fundamentals of EOR
Day 2
  • Sampling Tools and Techniques
  • Lab Experiments, Analysis & Fluid Characterization
  • Reservoir Engineering Applications to EOR
Day 3
  • Fractional Flow Theory and Uses in Oil Recovery Calculations
  • Low Salinity Water Injection (LSW)
  • Polymer Flooding
Day 4
  • Surfactant Flooding
  • Alkaline Flooding
  • ASP Fundamentals
  • Determination of Residual Oil Saturation Using Chemical Tracers
  • Chemical EOR Economics
Day 5
  • Fundamentals of Reservoir Simulation
  • Simulation of
    • Polymer Flooding
    • Surfactant Flooding
    • ASP Process
    • Low Salinity Water Injection
Learning activity mix

Reservoir engineers, production engineers, and geoscientists interested in EOR projects.

Basic knowledge of reservoir engineering

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