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    Climate Change a Call to Action for Energy Professionals

    This class discusses the natural and anthropogenic changes that occur in Earth systems. It takes the perspective of discussing climate change through the lens of Earth History. It then applies this learning to introduce adaptation, mitigation, and avoidance of the worst effects of Earth System change.  How and when will such changes affect us and by what magnitude? How do we better operate our businesses, economies, and lives to be more resilient and have lower impact? What is your Energy transition plan? What should you prioritize? This course can be delivered as per Client's necessities (classroom.2 days, 6hr/day or virtual training 3 days, 4 hr/day).   

    1. Green House Gases (GHG)

    • Global warming physical concept; the various Greenhouse Gas (CO2, CH4, CFCs). Quantifying GHGs and their impact.
    • Industry initiative to control global warming.
      • Scopes of GHGs 1,2,3 and upstream/downstream.  
      • Key technologies to reduce GHG.
      • Legislation on GHG, the carbon economy

    1. Monitoring global warming

      • Measurement of the temperature evolution
      • Maritime currents evolution
      • Severe climatic event frequency
      • Evolution of the stressed ecosystems
    • Emission by industry sectors / activities

    2. Energy Usage

    • Energy outlook, Energy prevision models
    • Fossil fuel reserves
    • Energy transition, New Energies, flaws, and qualities
    • Interdependency between sources of Energy.
    • Net zero energy
    • Local and global production of Energy

    3. Paleoclimate – Earth Morphology

    Main changes on Earth’s surface

    • Tectonic plates and continental uplift/subsidence, sea level variations
    • Sedimentation regime and human interaction
    • Consequences of human settlement

    Paleoclimate models

    • Atmospheric variation, earth regulation mechanisms
    • GHG and temperature evolution through time.  
    • Volcanism activity
    • Scientific proof to validate those climatic change.
    • Consequences of living on earth; list of events and their severity, reversibility

    Planetology comparison

    • Venus's study
    • Scenarios of evolution, earth similarity

    Anthropogenic changes

      • Scenarios of variations: Action – earth reaction mechanisms (Action – reactions)
            • GHG – Temperature, fires, sea Level, extreme weather
            • Oceanic currents – Continental variations
              • Deforestation – Fauna, Flora, and biodiversity issues.
            • Intense agriculture – Soil weakening, wildlife, ecosystems evolution.
            • Intense pesticides – Soil and human living in danger

    4. Scenarios of evolution

    • Global warming evolution and consequences- Severity ranking
    • Scenarios uncertainties
      • Low impact scenarios – on the planet / civilization
      • High impact scenario – on the planet / civilization
    • Modelling tools – i.e. Sea levels
    • Chronology of climate change events, ranking by severity
    • Chronology of Energy events, ranking by severity


    5. Energy adaptation; tools for decision

    • Impact at the various scales: importance of the effort
      • Individual actions
      • Enterprise level
      • Government level
      • International organizations

    • Business decision in Energy
      • How can I help at work as an individual?
      • How can I help as part of my organization?
      • How can I help as a citizen?
      • The real global challenge: international, geopolitics

    • Case studies analysis; Technology, behaviors, Countries

    6. Discussion 

    What will be the first major climatic impact event (proximity in time, duration, severity, reversibility)? 2nd iteration of your knowledge model.

    Professionals in the Energy sector in quest for a more efficient and fitted transition.

    • Green House Gases (GHG's)
    • Energy Usage
    • Paleoclimate - Earth Morphology
    • Scenarios of Evolution
    • Energy Adaptation, Tools for Decisions
    • Discussion

    NO requirements in reality " Experience of living on earth and respecting it" 

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