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    Communication and Conflict Management

    This course will enable participants to deal with the complexities of communication and will give them the tools to handle conflict situations.

    Attendees will learn to combine strength with sensitivity in order to resolve conflicts.  Furthermore, they will learn to appreciate the ability to be honest and forthright while still being respectful of the feelings of others.  People who have these skills will earn respect and cooperation at every level.  This program will show participants how to handle communication challenges with confidence, openness, and competency.

    Attendees will receive the skills required to deal with conflicts in typical workplace situations and evaluate their own unique communications behaviors.  They will learn a series of communication models that will help them deal with any potential workplace conflicts.  Participants will utilize a system of psychologically sound techniques proven to work in a variety of diverse situations.  Potentially destructive behaviors such as temper tantrums, one-upmanship, personal squabbles, and passive-aggressive behavior will be covered.

    Day 1

    Communication Skills

    • Components of communication
    • Style assessment
    • Effective listening, including two-way communication techniques

    After this day, participants will be able to identify the key components of communication in various media such as face-to-face, e-mail, and social media.  They will learn how to assess their own communication style, discover the art of effective listening, identify “clarifying questions” that can help get information, and recognize the four communicate styles through verbal and non-verbal cues.

    Day 2

    Conflict Management

    • Assertiveness vs. aggressiveness
    • Approach for conflict
    • Communication techniques for conflict resolution

    On day two, participants will be learn to identify and practice key assertiveness skills, pick and plan conflict strategies, use basic communication models, determine how to pick and plan battles, and recognize the best steps for dealing with anger.

    Participants interested in improving their skills in communication and conflict resolution.


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