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    Communication and Presentation Skills for Project Managers

    During this five day course, participants will learn the proper communication and presentation skills for an individual who is moving into a project manager role.  This will include preparing leadership for their role using communications.  The course will also cover the writing of project charters, case for change, and report writing.  Participants will learn how to properly prepare presentations depending on their audience (executives, managers, users, or stakeholders).

    Throughout this course participants will learn what business project management is and why being a good project manager is not enough.  They will also learn why project communication is so important and what happens if project communication is ignored.

    Day 1

    Linking projects to the business

    • Understanding the business context for the project
    • Recognizing the common elements for all communications
    • Writing the charter as a communication tool
    • Writing the case for change as a communication tool      

    The first day will focus on setting the foundation for all project communications.              

    Day 2

    Building the Communication Plan

    • Doing a stakeholder analysis as a basis for the communication plan
    • Communicating changes in work processes
    • Creating support for a new work process
    • Using communication to handle risks
    • Communicating about problems effectively      

    On this day participants will learn about planning communications as effectively as planning the project work.   

    Day 3

    Other Communication Requirements

    • Communicating scope changes
    • Using communication to prepare operations for the project deliverables
    • Communication strategies to overcome resistance to change
    • Handling competition with other initiatives using communication
    • Writing a close-out report

    The focus of this day will be handling the changes that inevitably occur during a project.                

    Day 4

    Presentations as part of a Communication Plan

    • Review of the common elements for all communications
    • Developing the content of the presentation
    • Choosing a strategy for the presentation
    • Developing polished delivery skills for presentations
    • Guidelines for using visual aids in presentations
    • Other logistics in preparing for a presentation      

    On this day participants will learn about presentations.  It will cover how presentations to customers, management, and the project team are an important part of any project communication plan.                

    Day 5

    Communications to Management

    • Understanding the context of communications with management
    • Managing up
    • Understanding the politics in communication to management
    • Working with your sponsor on the case for change
    • Communication with your sponsor on problems    
    • Internal and external communications 

    The final day will focus on applying all that the participants have learned to communication with management.  Often, project managers will recognize that the most difficult communication occur with management, either their own or the customer’s.

    This course is aimed toward project managers with at least one year’s experience in managing projects. It will also be beneficial for team leads moving into a project manager role.

    A basic knowledge of the fundamentals of project management.

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