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    Competent Electrical Safety Person

    Course Objective
    The objectives of the CEP program include but not limited to the following:

    • Understanding of major hazards and their consequences.
    • Understand the procedures and develop the enhanced capability to isolate and de-isolate
    • Understand the details of permits/authorizations required before executing work.
    • Understand the procedures for electrical equipment in a Hazardous environment.
    • Enhanced safety behaviors at work by Identifying and applying safe work procedures 
    • Capability to identify and analyze electrical hazards specific to each activity
    • Understand the roles & responsibilities of Operating & Maintaining companies.
    • Understand the right types of tools and PPE required for each specific electrical activity.
    • Learn the basic first aid for electrical accidents.
    • Understand the safety procedures for using power tools
    • Understand the procedures while working near/with overhead power lines

    Session 1 
    • Power Systems 
    • General Electrical SAFETY
    • Basic Electrical Rules
    • Hazards of Electricity
    • Case studies
    • Electrical accidents
    • First Aid for Electrical accidents
    • Inspection & testing of electrical systems
    Session 2 
    Competent Electrical Person - CEP
    • Qualifications & level of experience
    • Knowledge, Skills & Behaviors
    • Roles & Responsibilities
    • Approach to exposed live voltage systems
    • Safety Distances
    • Approach of persons
    • Testing of conductors
    • Work near live conductors
    Session 3 
    Isolations & de-isolations
    • Key Safe & Safety Padlocks
    • LOTO- Lockout/Tag out

    Session 4 
    Electrical Safety Rules & Procedures

    • Isolation for maintenance
    • De-isolation after maintenance
    • Access to HV enclosures and apparatus
    • Climbing towers, Wood and Cement poles
    • Permission for switching
    • Conflicting activities
    • Working or testing LV apparatus
    Session 5
    Precautions for specific activities
    • Work on double circuit lines- with one circuit live
    • Work in the vicinity of buried HV cables
    • Work on HV transformers
    • Work on HV Switchgear
    • Work in substations with exposed HV Conductors
    • Testing HV motor circuits
    • Working on LV switch gears
    • Work on HV static capacitors 
    Session 6 
    Electrical Documents.
    • Issue & Control
    • Electrical Permit to work-EPTW
    • Electrical Isolation certificates.
    • Excavation Certificates
    • Discussions & Clarification

    • Electrical technicians
    • Electrical Supervisors
    • Wiremen& Line men
    • Electrical design Engineers
    • Electrical Diploma holders
    • Electrical Inspectors
    • Electrical Maintenance Engineers

    • Session 1: Hazards of Electricity
    • Session 2: Competent Electrical Person - CEP
    • Session 3: Isolations & de-isolations
    • Session 4: Electrical Safety Rules & Procedures
    • Session 5: Precautions for specific activities
    • Session 6: Electrical Documents


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