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    Complementary Pipeline Design and Production Operation with PIPESIM Steady State and OLGA Dynamic Simulators

    During this two day course, you will learn PIPESIM steady-state and OLGA dynamic multiphase flow simulators to understand and solve typical flow assurance challenges.

    This interactive course includes step-by-step instructions for building PIPESIM network models by importing shapefiles and modeling fluids in PIPESIM. PIPESIM slug catcher analysis will be performed along with corrosion analysis. The PIPESIM model is the first step in understanding how the facility handles the amount of volume during steady-state condition. This PIPESIM pipeline model will then be converted to an OLGA model, in which a more thorough slug catcher design can be performed, including ramp-up, different pigging frequency scenarios, and separator modeling.

    All the main features of PIPESIM and OLGA GUI are covered, allowing you to simply build, edit, run models, and analyze the results. Students will understand the advantages of using both PIPESIM and OLGA simulation as part of the pipeline flow assurance modeling workflow in network modeling. 

    PIPESIM and OLGA - General Overview

    1. PIPESIM Introduction and Fluid Modeling

    • PIPESIM Introduction
    • Fluid Modeling in PIPESIM
    • Compositional fluid modeling hands-on exercise

    2. PIPESIM Network Simulation

    • Introduction to PIPESIM GIS
    • Import Shapefile, Convert Junctions to Sources/Sinks, Validate PIPESIM Model can run hands-on exercise

    3. PIPESIM Model Building

    • Network Modeling Boundary Condition in PIPESIM
    • Types of Slugging and Slug Catcher Sizing Overview
    • Slug Catcher Analysis hands-on exercise
    • Corrosion Analysis hands-on exercise

    4. OLGA Introduction

    5. Multiflash Fluid Modeling

    • Fluid modeling in Multiflash Overview
    • Fluid modeling in Multiflash hands-on exercise

    OLGA Model Building and Slug Catcher Analysis

    1. OLGA Model Building

    • Build OLGA Model from PIPESIM model hands-on exercise
    • Corrosion Analysis in OLGA hands-on exercise

    2. OLGA Slug Catcher Design

    • Surge Volume Calculator in OLGA Overview
    • Turn Down Ramp-Up (analyze surge volume from turn down ramp-up scenario) hands-on exercise
    • Shut-in Start-Up (analyze surge volume from start-up procedure after shut-in) hands-on exercise
    • Pigging in OLGA Overview
    • Pigging Frequency Scenarios (analyze different pigging frequencies i.e. pigging once a day or every five days and how it affects the surge volume) hands-on exercise
    • Pigging Separator and Using Controllers hands-on exercise

    Anyone who wants to learn steady-state and transient multiphase flow simulation for oil and gas production systems to model pipelines and facilities, and address flow assurance challenges. 

    No previous experience with PIPESIM and OLGA are necessary, but a general knowledge of pipe flow and thermodynamics is an advantage. 

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