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    Completions and Stimulation Aspects of Shale Plays - RILS

    This course will introduce the audience to the engineering methodology of completing organic shale reservoirs. The fundamentals of hydraulic fracturing are reviewed. Designing and completing hydraulically fractured horizontal wells for optimum productivity is the focus of the course. Various measurement techniques to employ in the completion optimization exercise are reviewed. Classroom exercises to select lateral landing points, design perforation strategies, place perforations and design stimulation stages, determine fracturing fluid formulations are employed in order for the student to gain a personal understanding of the impacts of these parameters on stimulation effectiveness.

    Upon completion of this training session the students will have acquired a fundamental understanding of the hydraulic fracturing process and key completion parameters required for organic shales production, and the measurement options available to quantify these parameters. They will also be able to utilize these parameters to identify appropriate lateral landing points, design the appropriate stimulation schedule including proppant and fluid design, customize horizontal well completions based on acquired measurements, and evaluate the effectiveness of the completion methodology. The students will also understand the operational completion techniques commonly employed in organic shale development.


    History of Fracturing

    Introduction to Fracturing

    Fracturing Methodology

    Formation Damage 

    Darcy's Law

    Retained Permeability

    Hydraulic Fracturing Modelling

    Frac Fluids

    Frac Fluids Additives


    Shale Fluids and Proppants

    Foam Quality

    Foam Schedule

    Stokes Law


    Foam Viscosity Calculation

    XRD-CST Analysis

    Shale Geomechanics


    In-Situ Stress Testing

    Perforating Horizontals

    Fracture Complexity

    Wiremesh and UFM

    Horizontal Justification

    Vertical Wells and Lateral Landing Point

    Horizontal Well Cementing

    Production Engineers, Reservoir Engineers, Geologists, Drilling Engineers and other professionals, already skilled in Well Completions and Hydraulic Fracturing, in need of knowledge of technologies to develop Shales plays.

    Engineering or Science Degree and exposure to the design of conventional Well Completions and Hydraulic Fracturing.

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