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    Condition-Based Maintenance For Static and Rotating Equipments

    To provide the participants a methodology for the generation and/or revision of the condition-based maintenance (predictive maintenance) that allows static and rotating equipment with the operational reliability required by an asset production system according to technical and financial realities.

    Day 1
    • Maintenance vision
    • Maintenance as a process
    • Maintenance tendencies
    • Maintenance paradigms
    • Maintenance value chain
    • Types of maintenance
    Day 2
    • To determine when and how much we must spend in maintenance
    • Benefits associated by the execution of the condition based maintenance activities
    • How to handle the information to modify maintenance plan and to improve the decisions
    • Condition monitoring maintenance
    • Objectives in conflicts
    • Flow diagram for Maintenance optimum frequencies
    • What to inspect
    • Techniques for condition monitoring maintenance in rotation equipment
    • Examples of vibration analysis
    Day 3
    • Monitoring techniques for oil analysis
    • Real case examples of oil analysis
    • Dynamic monitoring on reciprocating equipments
    • Monitoring techniques though ultrasound inspection
    • Monitoring techniques though infrared thermography
    Day 4
    • Endoscope inspection
    • Integration of the inspection techniques
    • Condition monitoring in static equipment
    • Cost-Risk-Benefit Methodology Exercises
    • Procedure for the establishment of condition based maintenance plan
    • Economic justification of the condition based maintenance plan
    Day 5
    • Analysis of practical cases

    Maintenance and Reliability Engineers, Production Engineers,

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